Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”

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  1. KohinaREC


    6 timer siden

    I don't order from Amazon. I have in the past, sone course books I believe, but not in years. It is exploitative and Jeff Bezos is annoying as all hell. Almost as full of himself as that Musk fellow.

  2. Jean-François Rioux

    Jean-François Rioux

    10 timer siden

    We all learnt to be thankful for e commerce last year haven't we?

  3. Shaa prosperous1

    Shaa prosperous1

    19 timer siden

    The warehouse is Dusty and hot you have to keep hydrated or pass out

  4. Kate Sweeney

    Kate Sweeney

    20 timer siden

    Space travel. Yea, not as funny now. Well... except for the fact that his spaceship still looks like a d***.

  5. Đeath Vader

    Đeath Vader

    Dag siden

    A fking robot could do their job 24/7 FOR FREE. Just fire all the whining humans.

  6. Cynical Anon

    Cynical Anon

    Dag siden

    i did not think i would find something compared to White Slavery in America.

  7. Charlie


    Dag siden

    16:41 Look at the O the Obsession, are they HANGING that stick person?

  8. Blackasthesky


    Dag siden

    They should just go back to delivering in two days time. Really, who needs one day delivery anyways?!

  9. Yalmira Rodriguez

    Yalmira Rodriguez

    2 dager siden

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  10. Jim Settecase

    Jim Settecase

    3 dager siden

    They saved the company $30 Million dollars and all they got was a round of applause!? Gee I hope not!

  11. Green Lint

    Green Lint

    4 dager siden

    17:34 say what you want about jeff bezos but you cant say he doesnt keep promises!

  12. DunantheDefender


    4 dager siden

    And then he used the money he squeezed out of everyone to pretend to be an astronaut.

  13. Doug Shaw

    Doug Shaw

    5 dager siden

    If I were to make up the name of the CEO of Walmart I would call him "Doug McMillion"

  14. Green Monkey

    Green Monkey

    5 dager siden

    It took 2 years for Bezos to launch his dick into space. And he says "all thanks to my employees"

  15. Rose The Sicko

    Rose The Sicko

    5 dager siden

    worked for walmart theyll work you to the death to lol

  16. Allan


    7 dager siden

    Glad I went to University. Computer warehousing going to make all these guys unemployed soon. Drivers automated too. Vote with your wallets. If you don’t want to shop online don’t. It’s simple.

  17. Daniel Kasnett

    Daniel Kasnett

    8 dager siden

    it's just not true they do not find any reason to fire you they work with their employees they bend over backwards for their employees you're finding the 10% of employees who are the exception to the rule who get fired from every company no matter where they are they always have problems. some people are always are screwing up always taking advantage, and exaggerating i know I've worked there, and it's an excellent place to work. amazon is always looking per waves to assist their employees to make it easier for them and once you're there for a little while once you prove that you know you're gonna do your job well no one's on top of you no one not test masters you wanna go to the bathroom you go to the bathroom you wanna talk to your neighbor you could talk to your neighbor if you wanna look on your phone it's just not true. tese are the people always screwing up. earning a living is not easy amazon news one company that gives you opportunities to move up they are always offering programs 2 better yourself get a better job higher paying jobs the offer double time a couple of times a year for like a month it's a great place to work. and if your manager or your supervisor is a jerk and you report it they will take care of it right away keep it confidential matter of fact every single day when you log into your system they're always asking you how you been treated everything is confidential they can't even no choices that you make on their platform for workers they don't know the choices you have to go ahead and verify them

  18. Amber McDonald

    Amber McDonald

    9 dager siden

    Back here after his space flight 🤣🤣

  19. Tomeika Jefferson

    Tomeika Jefferson

    9 dager siden

    This aged well.

  20. Robert Bowen

    Robert Bowen

    10 dager siden

    $38 billion.

  21. Salvage Monster

    Salvage Monster

    11 dager siden

    Majority of the shipping warehouses in our area from Pepsi, to Ruan etc etc are paying starting wages between 18 - 23 dollars an hour.

  22. Salvage Monster

    Salvage Monster

    11 dager siden

    And Trump was slammed for calling out bezos four years ago. Hmmmmmm

  23. Solomon Killeen

    Solomon Killeen

    11 dager siden

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  24. Zarah Andrahilde

    Zarah Andrahilde

    12 dager siden

    Anybody else notice that the black guy has built up a tolerance to being maced at the end? Oh america, your systemic issues are deeply disturbing and it's persistant existance is a sad comedy.

  25. Zarah Andrahilde

    Zarah Andrahilde

    12 dager siden

    There's 82,4 million refugees in the world, in need of food,shelter and safety. Bezos: *ha ha rocket go brrrrr*

  26. Bolt Bolt

    Bolt Bolt

    12 dager siden

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  27. The Road To Mars

    The Road To Mars

    14 dager siden

    ‘You assumed that was a lie and assumed that they were all just euthanized” 🤣

  28. Cassie OBryan

    Cassie OBryan

    15 dager siden

    Watching this two years later and Bezos is two weeks away from launching himself into space.

  29. Stu Pidas

    Stu Pidas

    17 dager siden

    Funny how whenever they show the actual employees working they all seem to be moving at a slow, ambling walking pace.

  30. Jeffery KL5L

    Jeffery KL5L

    17 dager siden

    So expecting someone to Photoshop the newglen into a penis being tickled by a feather.

  31. Ermin Klimenta

    Ermin Klimenta

    20 dager siden

    Prime Day is in 4 days :(

  32. Jared Allaway

    Jared Allaway

    20 dager siden

    It is a computer error in capitalism

  33. Jared Allaway

    Jared Allaway

    20 dager siden

    Getting a college education doesn't guarantee a non warehouse job. There's only so many positions and a shit load of college graduates who supposedly fit.

  34. Denver Arnold

    Denver Arnold

    21 dag siden

    Its a shame he never got to the fact that $15/hour is actually LOW and undercutting the warehouse industry wages.

  35. illdreamer


    21 dag siden

    Consumerism. STOP IT!

  36. Jose Robles

    Jose Robles

    22 dager siden

    I’m all for humane working conditions but unfortunately these jobs will just be done by robots

    • seigeengine


      13 dager siden

      Then let them be done by robots. Maximizing jobs is not the goal of society.

  37. Alex S

    Alex S

    23 dager siden

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  38. otha cindy

    otha cindy

    23 dager siden

    There are little things I cannot find anywhere else but on Amazon. But not only that is if you would like something specific you can't really find it in the stores you have to go online for it you want that toy that came out 40 years ago that your mom sold that you love from your childhood and you just want to kind of replace it because of the memories even though you know it's not the one you had you got to go online to find it you cannot just go to a store cuz you can go to thousands of thrift stores and never find one but you go online you can find someone who's selling exactly what you were looking for it may not be a cheap price but you can get it. The reality is online shopping has revolutionized the marketplace and that's a good thing but what people in the power have done like Jeff bezos is bad. If I want to buy nice fabric there are no more fabric stores anymore and even if I do go to a fabric store they're very expensive and they don't usually have what I want so I have to go online for those nicer fabrics so if I want to have a nice quality product or item that when I'm finished sewing I have to go online to get what I need. And because it's not easy making fabrics and because you got to make a lot and you can't afford to just send a bolt to 20 different stores in hopes that somebody will want that fabric in each of the stores and then your left over with excess that you never sold and it becomes even more costly or you could just have one bolt and if it's does well enough you can make another bolt of it as it's selling and you can still have bolts of other ones that aren't as popular but people have some more choices because again instead of having all these different locations in which you have to have a supply at you have one location which is able to have much higher supply and the way you can figure out around this is it takes a little bit longer but it is cheaper inevitably and more affordable and what you do is you order a Swatch now if you know what the fabric is like and you know what it's like from that company and you have the Swatch the patterns are different but you don't necessarily know what the color is going to be like when you get it so maybe you want to see what the color actually looks like in person like one time when I was getting a faux fur fabric it was in fuchsia and black and when I got it I was not really satisfied but when I got the red one the red one was much nicer to me and fit my purpose so therefore I bought the red one and because I bought more direct instead of spending almost $50 a yard I was able to get 5 yards for $150 so if I paid the full price I would end up spending $250 for that five yards from a local fabric shop maybe like Jo-Ann's but because I was able to go online go direct to the manufacturer in order it thanks to the new ways of distributing or from an online shop that is distributing that was able to order boats and better manage because of online facilitating it I paid significantly less than I otherwise would have and now I can make a crazy looking garment or a cool plushie or whatever my heart desires and it's not as expensive. And yes faux fur is very expensive. And takes up an extraordinary amount of shell space in comparison to a regular fabric. Which if you don't have to have a store that's designed to kind of also be nice for the customer and it's more like a warehouse like who gives a s*** what the display looks like and as long as it's effective and cheap and affordable that's all that matters just to get something to put the fabric on then that saves them cost which hopefully translates to you and that's another way you save money because you don't have all these fancy stores with fancy rent because you have a warehouse where you have someone that works and maybe has a machine to reach something up higher and it's not about a customer experience in the store and not to mention all the different rents you have to pay because again everything in the store has to be horizontal within reaching for the customer. But you don't have to have that you can go vertical you can have 10 or 20 above that are not reachable without a ladder and machine and you can do that in a warehouse. And when one bolt runs out you can replace it or if someone just buys the whole bolt you can just go up the shelf get it down and ship it out. Which again instead of having to maybe move products from store to store you're just going straight to the consumer instead of from one place to another and then maybe to another and then maybe the customer buys it and then maybe now you have to dispose of it because it's been sitting yourself over here because nobody wanted it and your location but maybe someone in another location bought all the what they was out but would like more but again you're a lot better able to manage supply and demand online than in local stores but for generic stuff local stores is great cuz hey I need a razor this to that I'm just going to go to the store pick up my shampoo etc your basic high jeans and your basic level stuff but for everything else you can do online those colored pencils you can get them online it takes a while longer but you know if you're running out of or whatever and anything you might need special especially if you need something special if you're working on a project and you're crafty chances are they're not going to have in a regular store anyway so you're going to be stuck ordering it online unless you're lucky enough to live next to that facility that specializes and there's so many different specialties all around the world you're just you're not you could probably go to a local fabric shop and just make do with whatever is there but if you really crafting and doing everything you probably already have stuff lying around anyway if you're doing at that high level. So it beats the purpose I mean look online is just better for the market. And we don't need a million shops just in a way great because we in a sense automated away to computers in an unintentional way where the consumer is better able to decide what products they want and you need less stores and facilities. Cuz even if you're not buying from Amazon like I enjoy the guitar but line 6 has exactly the pedals I want or Old blood noise. The thing is though if I go to a lot of guitar shops they may not have either one of these brands so it's actually cheaper to have them ship their product then for me to go drive miles and miles to hunt down these products to see who has them and then even if they have them they may not have the one that I'm looking for and especially if I'm paying a lot of money because these things aren't cheap like so machines obviously I don't want to waste my time so it's easier just to go online have it order wait a couple of days and that's it or even a couple of weeks would be fine because that's how long it would generally take for a store to get in order a product in. So it cuts the middleman out it's more effective in that way too. of course we need to allow and give ourselves more money to spend she's not what's happening because so many jobs are automated away I don't need someone to tally up the time keys because we have a computer that does it for us the spreadsheet automatically calculates the holiday which day was the holiday which day was this and that and it can do it for thousands of employees so you only need one person to really just enter in that yeah they're in work that day or if they left early or not or if they stayed longer and one person can more or less manage thousands now because of it cuz they don't have to handle the complex calculations they only have to just enter the calculations and then the computer will literally do the rest for everyone. I mean it's great it's cheaper but again the savings aren't being passed on to us and instead of working less hours and all of us getting paid a little bit more the company's still make us work a lot more and they're paying us less relative to the value as they decrease the value of our work and money while increasing the cost of their goods such as housing. but not only that but I live in a poor minority neighborhood my dad lives in a white neighborhood and I will pay more in my electric bill than my dad even if I spend two weeks at my dad and he's paying for electricity to keep his whole house cool he has a big TV and tons of electronics constantly plugged in well I only have a fridge and half the time use the AC I still manage to pay far more than he does. By at least 20 $30

    • otha cindy

      otha cindy

      23 dager siden

      But just to clarify Amazon is and has become a very evil empire in its own way even though it's only a business it's really not any different than an evil empire because it works it's ass off to subjugate and control people it is really evil. It even has computers firing people who are some of the best workers because one day they weren't able to complete the route and expected time because maybe just some things beyond their control happen. And Amazon knew this but they didn't care because casualties were expected and as they framed it they're going to s*** the bed when they use this but how much are they going to ship the bed and can they live with that and the answer was they weren't going to s*** the bed enough to not do it and they didn't care if they s*** the bed

  39. Victor Georgiev

    Victor Georgiev

    24 dager siden

    Urin soaked hands? How the fuck does this guy go to the bathroom ?

  40. Lehevah Love

    Lehevah Love

    25 dager siden

    Most department stores will fire you if you join a union. TjMaxx and K-mart have this threat in their training videos, so department stores aren't much better in that field.

    • seigeengine


      13 dager siden

      anti-union tactics should be illegal with heavy penalties.

  41. larry west

    larry west

    26 dager siden

    they should give them all electric scooters or something like that i think it would also increase the amount of items they would be able to get so in time pay for themselves

  42. Karri Kemppainen

    Karri Kemppainen

    26 dager siden

    Message to Besucks, robots. Automation, Ubi, a.i.... Stuff that matters WAY more than space travel and if that were all of it, it is quite much THE stuff that could also make it possible more efficiently. Gosh dumberica is dumber than bricks on the wall, though I guess it's only "dollar-eye psychosis" running it's system with slavery. (Or atleast doing it's best to revert itself back to "good old times" with hefty degeneration)

  43. Mark Sargent-Bennett

    Mark Sargent-Bennett

    26 dager siden

    John Oliver for president he is amazing

  44. OzKiltman


    27 dager siden

    So now the cool name for "slave" is "associate"?

  45. Ronny Jackson

    Ronny Jackson

    27 dager siden

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  46. The Piper

    The Piper

    27 dager siden

    Bear spray! 🤣🤣🤣

  47. 16aidensmomma


    27 dager siden

    I think it's really gross that their prime day is the day that the child tax credits are coming out 😐 wow Amazon. Way to grift more american dollars and get more slave workers to break themselves to death this summer over bs 💔 fuck bezos. He could literally buy every single worker healthcare, childcare and an entire whole ass house

  48. I. K.

    I. K.

    Måned siden

    Yes, I'm shopping online. Yes, I feel bad about it. And here is the "but": I am autistic an going to a shop, especially when it's not the supermarket I'm used to, it stressed me out. And yes, I know - really know - how it is to work at an amazon warehouse, because I worked there for 5 month and was close to went to a psychiatric clinic afterwards. I was worn out by the noise an the countless people around me and the 40 to 48h a week we worked there. (I started to work there because of necessity, it was summer 2020 and there were no other job in the area. I know that someone with autism should work in a warehouse because it would break him*her.) The warehouse where I worked launched nearly half a year before the first employee died in an accident at work. And the safety standards in Germany are significant higher than in the US.

  49. roxanne410


    Måned siden

    The toilet paper and whole discussion is really ominous knowing what happened last year lmao

  50. Martin


    Måned siden

    thare are actualy these forklifts, espacialy made for order picking. it would make this more efficient. also imagen a big vending machine for orders.

  51. Super Gogeta

    Super Gogeta

    Måned siden

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  52. antony Pizarro

    antony Pizarro

    Måned siden

    Is anyone really going to stop using Amazon prime ?

  53. Tennyson MacKenzie

    Tennyson MacKenzie

    Måned siden

    I think alot about how these companies are making so much money trying to provide you your wants at the drop of a hat, while tearing down what supports humans basic needs. I guess profit over people will always prevail.

  54. misspinkelf


    Måned siden

    Anyone notice the black guy wasn’t fazed by bear mace, implying he’s been maxed enough to build an immunity?

    • Jennifer Patterson

      Jennifer Patterson

      28 dager siden

      Um, that’s Tarik from The Amber Ruffin Show (an actor and comedian) and there was no real bear repellent used. That last clip was satirical, so none of that was real, only a commentary on reality.

  55. wwickeddogg


    Måned siden

    At least give those employees roller blades

  56. Steven Cofer

    Steven Cofer

    Måned siden

    John, I’m watching this (halfway through) and thinking back to my youth (I’m 69 now) and remembering all the back breaking jobs I had. Landscaping 10 hours a day, digging holes, moving plant, trees etc., mailman, yes I walked a lot and other jobs. Granted, I did earn a degree and get a job that didn’t involve so much physical labor. Frankly, those jobs were an incentive. Amazon would be out of business if there weren’t those folks that were willing to work those jobs. I think there is something wrong with our society in that these jobs, which in previous years were looked on as stepping stones, rather than careers, are now jobs that people expect to be careers. Better and cheaper education would certainly change this picture.

    • seigeengine


      13 dager siden

      The problem is that somehow, 10000 years into this whole society thing, we're still demanding hard, destructive, physical labour from people in order to survive. These conditions shouldn't even be stepping stones. Some hard work needs to be done, certainly, but they should be minimized. Unnecessary evils are a real issue.

  57. KCSkoolz 831

    KCSkoolz 831

    Måned siden

    I worked at a CFC (customer fulfillment center) aka Giant Warehouse called MSC Industrial Supply for 5 years. Watching this...its pretty spot on. They time your every move. I walked about 13-15 miles a day.

  58. 8-happiness


    Måned siden

    I'm fairly sure I'd be fired on the first day.

  59. Jim R

    Jim R

    Måned siden

    Is the narrator at the end the voice of Corvo!?

  60. eric the gray

    eric the gray

    Måned siden

    So many jobs kill u by the end of the day! Plumber, digger roofer etc

    • seigeengine


      13 dager siden

      Sure, but let me present the radical idea that that should be minimized where possible, not accepted blindly as simply how things are.

  61. K Greene

    K Greene

    Måned siden

    This made me so angry that I could barely get through the entire video. The behavior of individuals like Bezos cause horrible, violent, historic uprisings -- like the French Revolution, etc. -- to seem almost reasonable.

  62. Talia Shelgren

    Talia Shelgren

    Måned siden

    Worked at a logistics fulfillment warehouse,it literally felt like a American sweat shop.

  63. Donnie Freymoyer

    Donnie Freymoyer

    Måned siden

    And a year later no one wants to work for them and they are running out of applications in a national labor shortage

  64. Bash 8

    Bash 8

    Måned siden

    You know there are other wrestling promotions and indys that don’t give out health benefits not only wwe

  65. Claudia Huang

    Claudia Huang

    Måned siden

    I felt so guilty to shop on the Prime Day

  66. Hudson Stange

    Hudson Stange

    Måned siden

    The voice over of the re-vamped Amazon video sounded like gay Ryan Reynolds.

  67. Haylie R. Wilson

    Haylie R. Wilson

    Måned siden

    I was traveling and wanted to pick a shipping date a day later, so I’ll be home when the package comes in. But, I thought it was wild that Amazon doesn’t let you schedule a later date.

  68. emma wells

    emma wells

    Måned siden

    thomas middleditch!!! loml

  69. Picard Dobbins

    Picard Dobbins

    Måned siden

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  70. weird elbas

    weird elbas

    Måned siden

    Even when it's utterly depressing. Some how jhon oliver makes it funny, dude kills me. Said the wharehouse employee.

  71. Abnormal Texan

    Abnormal Texan

    Måned siden

    You walk that much in any order fulfillment warehouse! That’s the job. I was shipping and receiving manager for a caterpillar dealership 5:15am-7pm everyday the store opened at 7am by the time everyone else got there at 7am I had already walked 3.5-4 miles just walking back and forth to the office to get all the paperwork for orders and the warehouse was a not even 1/4 of the size of an Amazon warehouse. Amazon pays well for a warehouse job and they have expectations of their employees you know what they are when you take the job.

  72. Vic the General

    Vic the General

    Måned siden

    This actually makes me feel good about the fact that I managed to scam Amazon and get amazon prime video for at least half a year, I'm also still sometimes using Amazon music without paying

  73. Nhan Ha

    Nhan Ha

    Måned siden

    I get it , is a shit job . But life is about choices . If you made better choose in life you wouldn’t have to work in a warehouse.

    • Francklyn


      Måned siden

      This statement is so ignorant it could be a republican slogan

  74. Mitchell Smith

    Mitchell Smith

    Måned siden

    This walking makes no sense. Divide the floor into 100 10x10 grids, install an overhead transit system where carts follow the fastest route to get items for an order. This way, the carts zip along the overhead system at 20 MPH or more, and employees never have to walk more than five feet to pick products. Less wear and tear on employees, who will get to know their area and what is in it and so will get faster over time, and orders get fulfilled more quickly. There, I just saved Amazon millions. Because Bezos is a moron.

  75. C1


    Måned siden

    Wtf with the Michael Jackson "joke"? Comparing them is just wrong

  76. Helen Dunn

    Helen Dunn

    Måned siden

    Free Market allows the businesses to screw People for everythingp you have.

  77. dMoca


    Måned siden

    "Try not to think about it" is the perfect counter-point to years of "Just do it" and "Focus on the positive"

  78. Ruth Dunn

    Ruth Dunn

    Måned siden

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  79. Frankie D. Roosevelt

    Frankie D. Roosevelt

    Måned siden

    Here in 2021 to say: NOTE the bear repellent here and now apply to SandwichU owner at WVU who bear sprayed officer Sicknick at the 1/6 domestic terrorist attack of the Capitol

  80. Кирилл Рыжевол

    Кирилл Рыжевол

    Måned siden

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  81. lenny koss

    lenny koss

    Måned siden


  82. mran43


    Måned siden

    I have a college degree and still work in a warehouse that is a metal building with no air conditioning... america right?

  83. Laquita Leslee

    Laquita Leslee

    Måned siden

    The boring joke monthly taste because polyester italy open forenenst a uptight panda. melted, changeable capricorn

  84. Kevin Kitchen

    Kevin Kitchen

    Måned siden

    Thank God I went to college. I wouldn't last a day in Amazon. And I am a lineman. I climb poles in 100 degree or 30 degree weather. But couldn't do that job!

  85. P Reese

    P Reese

    Måned siden

    I have finally quit Amazon. I will travel my butt down to a brick and mortar to purchase what I need. I am tired of hearing these stories and now that clown Bezos is using the money that he should be using to pay these folks a living wage to fly off into space. This clown is not getting anymore of my money. I hope he and his brother get stuck up there. Jerk! Freaking weirdo! 🤬

  86. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts

    Måned siden

    Bezo should just give everyone in the country $1 million 🤷🏽‍♂️

  87. Joseph Roland

    Joseph Roland

    Måned siden

    They need to treat these people better but unions are objectively trash

  88. readingnerd1


    Måned siden

    Might need a part two

  89. Kieran Czyzniejewski

    Kieran Czyzniejewski

    Måned siden

    The black guy being immune to the bear spray at the end is a sneaky touch

  90. JC


    Måned siden

    I work in a warehouse and I want to die

  91. Richard Snodgrass

    Richard Snodgrass

    Måned siden

    The LAWS have been REWRITTEN for these Corporation's and the Politician's DO NOTHING about it!!! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

  92. Keanu Chin

    Keanu Chin

    Måned siden

    Penetrating the sky.

  93. Rob wor

    Rob wor

    Måned siden

    Unions are not the best solutions, until you run into corporations like Amazon. Then they feel like the messiah!

  94. Green Crab

    Green Crab

    Måned siden

    I've literally seen a Dr. Who episode exactly like this That's so creepy

  95. Kenny Pekelsma

    Kenny Pekelsma

    Måned siden

    Tell me I can't use the restroom and to hold it and I'll sue your ass for trying to give me ED. Llal

  96. Jason Witt

    Jason Witt

    Måned siden

    So John doesn't think a person that created a wildly successful business should be limited on how much he can earn. Let's not forget that amazon is a public business. Which means he's not in charge of the business anymore. There's share holders so any changes or additions to the business needs to be voted for.

  97. Jason Witt

    Jason Witt

    Måned siden

    First johnny boy here clearly hasn't done one day of hard work. Secondly the 70 year old guy probably shouldn't be working a physically demanding job. And finally any person that actually works a hard job will absolutely be wiped out after work. If a dude in his 20s can't handle a wearhouse job he's pretty weak.

  98. Taylor Black

    Taylor Black

    Måned siden

    It's exploitation. Loud and clear.

  99. Petar Novoselski

    Petar Novoselski

    Måned siden

    dont you know how capitalism works ??? this episode is irrelevant lol

  100. eppieandalice


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