Trump & the Coronavirus: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver takes a look at how the Trump administration has handled the coronavirus outbreak in the US, from lack of preparation, to mangled coordination, to harmful communication.

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  1. philyfighter4


    Dag siden

    I don't know why I thought of this but if you line up communication, coordination and preperation, you get CCP

  2. Stephen A

    Stephen A

    Dag siden

    Sunlight was legit in the context of vitamin D, but of course in the winter especially in the north it is not enough. Though supplementing with vitamin D3 seems to have merit. Also Fauci takes 6000IU of vitamin D3 every day!

  3. Stephen A

    Stephen A

    Dag siden

    Bangladesh gave ivermectin nationwide and to this point they only have 79 dead per million.

  4. Stephen A

    Stephen A

    Dag siden

    In NYC, it was the doctors causing a lot of the death with the incorrect high pressure used in ventilators and not using steroids. Of course hindsight 20-20

  5. Stephen A

    Stephen A

    Dag siden

    According to many studies.....those cheap masks did nothing to curb anything. Just watch Ivor Cumming's videos!

  6. Stephen A

    Stephen A

    Dag siden

    Trump was soooo fucking dumb!!!! To this day 3,840,356 dead from COVID!!!

  7. Bernadette Treual

    Bernadette Treual

    2 dager siden

    Trump can only be congratulated for Operation Warp Speed.



    3 dager siden


  9. Alex Coal

    Alex Coal

    3 dager siden

    We love you, John ❤ You did your best.

  10. Cee Koutsos nz

    Cee Koutsos nz

    5 dager siden

    This is the only time I’ve thought John was on the verge of tears. That close was pretty heart wrenching.

  11. Rocky Yap

    Rocky Yap

    5 dager siden

    Yes they blame china but forgot to blame their poor leadership in handling the pandemic. How can this leader not held accountable ? while they keep point the blame to China?

  12. mj333 (SilentActivist333)

    mj333 (SilentActivist333)

    5 dager siden

    How sad that ameritech vp. feeling responsible and helpless at the same time. Knowing it could've been so different...having the power to do something ,only to be dismissed by "the big F'ckr" and watching people die

  13. mj333 (SilentActivist333)

    mj333 (SilentActivist333)

    5 dager siden

    Omg, how apparent...lie lie lie and lie some more....the big F'ckr !!!

  14. Jam Slam

    Jam Slam

    6 dager siden

    COVID-19 infections and deaths are down 90% since Joe Biden took office. America made the right choice.

  15. Prxperty


    6 dager siden

    Lmao I could care less om what your opinion is. You're british and everyone knows Britain is insanely ignorant lol

  16. Mekai Fortune

    Mekai Fortune

    8 dager siden

    if the spanish flu is spanish why is thisnot a chinese flu?

  17. WarmMilk


    8 dager siden

    Maybe if we can stop using the virus breeding centres we call factory farms, we can reduce the risks of another pandemic. There's a reason then need to pump the livestock full of antibiotics. It's a sickly place.

  18. Helmi Hermain

    Helmi Hermain

    9 dager siden

    He is not fit to become president. That's it

  19. American Freedom World Peace

    American Freedom World Peace

    9 dager siden

    Remember, Obama created the emergency pandemic team during his presidency to prepare for something like this.. Trump completely disbanded that team when he was president. Plus he tried to sell hydroxy chloroquine and regeneron

  20. ApocalypticJoker


    10 dager siden

    The fact that there aren't more americans as pissed off as Oliver is really disappointing. Also wanna note that almost every person the news asked about masks and whatnot had southern accents

    • American Freedom World Peace

      American Freedom World Peace

      9 dager siden

      Americans are pissed, just not the right wing Republican voters who are pretending Trump did a good job when he didn't, instead they blame China when Trump downplayed COVID

  21. Mi Mina

    Mi Mina

    11 dager siden

    Trump and Biden, who is better

  22. Zach Rollins

    Zach Rollins

    11 dager siden

    He sold people's lives to American corporations to avoid becoming a fully developed nation.

  23. Ricardo Palmeira

    Ricardo Palmeira

    11 dager siden

    Bolsonaro makes Trump look like FDR lol. Brazilian federal COVID take force was created in March 2021

  24. Fat Gandalf

    Fat Gandalf

    11 dager siden

    Donald trump’s line is Down the hall to the left in home alone 2

  25. jakob kjær

    jakob kjær

    12 dager siden

    Nurses in denmark wanted a pay rise about a month ago, this being june 21, didnt get it, still might not. Ftw.

  26. Femi Oye

    Femi Oye

    12 dager siden

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  27. 暴徒は黄色い死体犬で死んだ


    13 dager siden

    The United States has more than 200 virus research and manufacturing laboratories around the world, manufacturing virus and bacteria weapons! The Ebola virus was most likely to have been released in Africa by the United States for human body experiments. Why is the United States capable of treating a critically ill patient? Naturally, if you can make virus, then you know the cure. In the past, Americans had been proceeding genocide in the world and in its own land. They treat blacks are not the human beings. They like to kill them. After the end of World War II, the United States colluded with Japan and obtained information on the development of bacterial weapons from Unit 731. The United States is believed to have been developing bacterial weapons with that large amount of information. Covid 19 has a great opportunity to be leaked from American laboratories. The root cause of e-cigarette transmission arcoss US is likely spreading Covid virus. Why the US does not allow WHO to conduct investigation? THEY ARE AFRAID. The United States should pay 30 trillion U.S. dollars to the world for compensation.

    • Francklyn


      12 dager siden

      Jesus Christ...

  28. Kurtis C.

    Kurtis C.

    13 dager siden

    "How's Trump handling this pandemic?" "I think he's handling it the best he can!" PSA: "The best Trump can do" is not reassuring.

  29. Dahn Mason

    Dahn Mason

    14 dager siden

    Omg. SO dishonest. Do u hear this clown? He legit cried that Trump didnt want that ship to dock, then bashes a travel ban bc Trump let AMERICAN CITIZENS come HOME. LMAO! Need I say anymore? Joke!😭🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤡🤡🤡

  30. Alondra October

    Alondra October

    14 dager siden

    If u don’t like him , why do a whole report about it .

    • Lawrence Weber

      Lawrence Weber

      12 dager siden

      Hi! I’m the point. You clearly missed me.

  31. Nathan Hails

    Nathan Hails

    14 dager siden

    So maybe Trump shouldn't have tried so hard to Erase all Evidence of a Black President?

  32. Ethan Weeter

    Ethan Weeter

    15 dager siden

    The pandemic was not caused by Trump, but his handling of it was disastrous.

  33. Ethan Weeter

    Ethan Weeter

    15 dager siden

    Usually when a person rants and says the same word that many times, they are put under observation for psychosis or dementia.

  34. faith nelson

    faith nelson

    15 dager siden

    we should watch this once per week to remind ourselves never to vote for any republican again!

  35. dr34dbolt


    17 dager siden

    Thing is, when you're a sociopath and a malignant narcissist, the "express empathy" part really is the hardest one.

  36. Renee Arika

    Renee Arika

    18 dager siden

    So so glad the clown is out

  37. Paulette Valiton

    Paulette Valiton

    18 dager siden

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  38. Hà Trần

    Hà Trần

    19 dager siden

    I think that trump is dumb enough to actually think that passing pens would cheer the guy up.

  39. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung

    19 dager siden

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  40. George Hale

    George Hale

    19 dager siden

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  41. mahamed helwa

    mahamed helwa

    20 dager siden

    I feel that John was close to actually crying at the end. Damn, this has never happened before.

  42. Mccann Antonette

    Mccann Antonette

    21 dag siden

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  43. Stephen Nicoil

    Stephen Nicoil

    22 dager siden

    Trump caused and didnt contain COVID 19

  44. Christopher Hill

    Christopher Hill

    23 dager siden

    Love this guy someone had to be passionate about the trumps fuck up and the people who suffered BRILLIANT

  45. gtr mjk

    gtr mjk

    24 dager siden

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  46. 2kini


    26 dager siden

    My wife got me on this show. I absolutely love it! The man and his team do their research. Wow!!!

  47. Drake Blake

    Drake Blake

    26 dager siden

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  48. Ann Brodeur

    Ann Brodeur

    26 dager siden

    Trump is so badly incompetent. He mishandled the pandemic terribly!!

  49. Ann Brodeur

    Ann Brodeur

    26 dager siden

    Donald Trump's incompetence is is mind boggling!!

  50. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool

    27 dager siden

    Trumps name stands for Tantrum Refused Undermining Parasite Scandal

  51. Zack Clark

    Zack Clark

    28 dager siden

    American proved we too like other countries could pur the scum of the earth in its top post in government. Damm shame America

  52. Markus Brauns

    Markus Brauns

    28 dager siden

    Trump completely ignores anything that the black gentleman said, then hands out PENS... Are you F 'ing kidding me? Everyone is soo afraid, to call out Trump on his bullshit, and his lies.

  53. Autumn Gorman

    Autumn Gorman

    28 dager siden

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  54. Michael Smallman

    Michael Smallman

    28 dager siden

    The Trump administration felt like the final days of Rome, and his supporters gleefully cheering it on.

  55. legendhero 45

    legendhero 45

    28 dager siden

    Oh no, moments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.

  56. Lochinver


    29 dager siden

    Dirty Don us going to jail.

  57. pinguaina


    29 dager siden

    Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

  58. Jimmy Haber

    Jimmy Haber

    Måned siden

    And 6 months later, the deaths doubled, trump led an insurgency, after losing the election, and in another 6 months........ I’ll be back to fill it in!

  59. DMI


    Måned siden

    Thank God this is only our past.

  60. Fiedler Marie

    Fiedler Marie

    Måned siden

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  61. Misty Marick

    Misty Marick

    Måned siden

    Trump stopped flights from China while good old Pelosi was mocking him in Chinatown . for being the tolerant side of things as you claim... You are all kinda intolerant, I am watching this to get all sides of things so I can make my own decision, but damn I hope I never become as "tolerant" as you people.. God bless!

    • Renegade MS

      Renegade MS

      29 dager siden

      It isn't wrong to implicate President Trump as feckless in his handling of the virus. First off, the shutdown was in response to the mediocre response from the Trump administration. Pres. Trump can brag about having foresight, but he isn't entitled to the facts of the situation. Pres. Trump barred Chinese citizens from coming to the United States, while roughly 300,000 Americans and extended families traveling back and forth between America and China (especially Wuhan, China) were unaffected. During the first quarter of this year, our death toll was increasing astronomically, and Pres. Trump dismissed the deaths as we speak. Secondly, Pelosi's trip to Chinatown wasn't extemporaneous or a response to Trump's action. It was planned prior.

    • Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger

      Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger

      Måned siden

      See the whole picture before you make your own decision and don't ignore the wrong things Trump did regarding the virus

  62. Chua Chanh

    Chua Chanh

    Måned siden

    Xin chào! tôi là người Việt Nam

  63. zaoetry7


    Måned siden

    When comedy expresses reality. How ironic, this Donald Geppetto ( little t) Duck did the same harm to the real estate in NY city back in the early 90's> shame, millions voted for him.

  64. James Maxwell

    James Maxwell

    Måned siden

    Yeah he tried write things off by giving out pens was that the cure

  65. Ste Warby

    Ste Warby

    Måned siden

    They knew it was happening because they created it omaba n rest of the world's rich countries knew this was happening because its been planned for years they wanted trump out of power because he was the one who could stop them so they cheated the election in plain sight plus loads are pedos and loads off other horrible things it doesn't take a lot to see what's going on worlds been run by evil for a long time but it's slowly coming to light just a same most don't see it 👍 this guy wants to talk about all the shit that biden has done the guy can't string a sentence together ever mind run a country 😂👍

  66. Alex Ford

    Alex Ford

    Måned siden

    A mask Cannot protect a human being from a virus!!! Dumb and Dumber! Stop listening to these Ridiculous statements and go read.🙄

  67. Jirf


    Måned siden

    drumpf is a clown

  68. Cassy Locke

    Cassy Locke

    Måned siden

    What nearly made me cry was hearing how close to a breakdown he was when talking about his sick colleagues

  69. jd2616


    Måned siden




    Måned siden

    u forgot to mention all the rallies he held during the pandemic as well



    Måned siden

    i mean trump put a bit of work to help make a vaccine, but then didnt get enough vaccines from the companies, so yea, the one part he succeeded at with this pandemic, he also slightly failed on

  72. Erik Larsen

    Erik Larsen

    Måned siden

    Can’t wait for our kids to come home from school and tell us they learned about Covid. And how President Trump ended it with his magic urine.

  73. sheila lopez

    sheila lopez

    Måned siden

    Don't give nazi-trump any ideas to bottle his urine and sell it. Also, he took full advantage of the covid to feed his nazi rhetoric and have his trumpuppets attack other Americans.

  74. Sun Mea

    Sun Mea

    Måned siden

    The Trump pandemic was already killing folks n europe was still infecting us, them so called "shit-hole infected countries" he loves to tout. No offense to Europeans

  75. Dark Rainbow

    Dark Rainbow

    Måned siden

    I’m vaccinated. Not in survival mode anymore. I can feel feelings now. So the rage I feel while seeing this could power a large city.

  76. Deborah Haney

    Deborah Haney

    Måned siden

    If we could go back in time and start this pandemic in 2015, Obama's pandemic response team would handle it swiftly. tRump would rail against science and logic but Obama's leadership might've been enough to reveal how insane tRump's anti-(mask/science/compassion) rantings are and he might never have been elected. Honestly, I wish 2020 happened in 2015.

  77. Rori Clare

    Rori Clare

    Måned siden

    The only slack I will offer Trump is that if a PPE executive was sending me endless emails about placing un-cancelable orders from his company to prevent covid -- I would be flagging that as junk and blocking the address.

  78. Charles Trinidad

    Charles Trinidad

    Måned siden

    The striking similarities between Trump and Duterte (current Philippine president) has been glaring. From their ideology to their pandemic response, it’s so effing irritating and annoying to see how much they both are the same in lots of ways. I hope Filipinos will see this and think that if Duterte or his allies would stay in power, we’d be better off somewhere else than having to live in a dysfunctional country where the national government has no empathy for its citizens.

    • Charles Trinidad

      Charles Trinidad

      Måned siden

      @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger He’s not “good people,” I assure you.

    • Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger

      Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger

      Måned siden

      Yeah, Duerte is one of the good ppl Trump knows

  79. Mark Thomas Kiec

    Mark Thomas Kiec

    Måned siden

    This is why I can't take Trump or his supporters seriously, their leader is an actual fucking sociopath. And the worst part is people don't really even get that he is half the time. I myself was starting to fall under that category for a few months but this... my god... that's just monsterous.

  80. Axel Sandren

    Axel Sandren

    Måned siden

    Whats impressive to me about trumps presidency is how many things he managed to do wrong in his term we could have elected a literal cat to the office and he would have been more productive.

  81. Axel Sandren

    Axel Sandren

    Måned siden

    Have you heard we also won georgia so now we have a majority in the house and a tie in the senate.That means Joe will actually do something useful.

    • Ab Cd

      Ab Cd

      Måned siden

      Except that Joe machin and Kristen silobran exist

  82. B An

    B An

    Måned siden

    Hold the phone. Why does the reflection of John's tie not match the real tie? The real tie has parallel lines, the reflection has a criss cross pattern.

    • Steve T

      Steve T

      Måned siden

      Glass tables can often give a double reflection... that’s why you see it here.

  83. Cener


    Måned siden

    How tone deaf must someone be to PASS PENS AROUND AFTER TALKING ABOUT DEATH???????

  84. Willy-john De Jager

    Willy-john De Jager

    Måned siden

    john olliver is the canary in the coalmine. birdsong is relaxing and frequent, no birds. that will suck.

  85. Topper Sundquist

    Topper Sundquist

    Måned siden

    The "I Banned China" chorus is -haunting-.

  86. tom k

    tom k

    Måned siden

    Sums up Trump's pathetic existence

  87. Kevin Brooks

    Kevin Brooks

    Måned siden

    People ask how pissed off I am, I can say John Oliver talking about trump fucking up

  88. Chairman Meow ✓

    Chairman Meow ✓

    Måned siden

    Dec 31st and it had been in China august 6th and maybe before that China banned people from Wuhan to travel within China but people from Wuhan were free to travel to other countries.

  89. Daniel Dashnaw

    Daniel Dashnaw

    Måned siden

    Gepetto is fleeing Q!

  90. Pepe Lucho

    Pepe Lucho

    Måned siden

    Dan o'brien definitely wrote the pinnocio bit

  91. KD


    Måned siden

    Has anyone asked how Mike Bowen voted in 2020 even after Trump administration didn’t respond to his warnings on the mask supply chain risks? And after the entire US went on Amazon and eBay to buy PPE from China? Has anyone gone back and reviewed to find actual verifiable benefits of so called America first? Did his administration do _any_ work... other than cage kids and withdraw contributions from non-profits like WHO.

  92. Adam Name

    Adam Name

    Måned siden

    Trumps own bs destroys him everyday.

  93. Tony Hemphill

    Tony Hemphill

    Måned siden

    covid covid ! The man is fucking mad as a hatter, almost 600,000 american people dead because this fool was in charge,so how is it not that his fault? that number of americans who died could have been a lot lower if trump had told people to wear masks ,wash your hands simple things that slow it down till the vaccine came along, jebus christ there is still 47% of Republican men will not take the vaccine when offered it sweet holy fuck what a bunch of sheep, do they know trump got his months ago?

  94. Rc8 Rone

    Rc8 Rone

    Måned siden

    Well, more than 75 million Americans voted for him after 4 years of being a Presidential Clown so I guess those those really deserved what they got of Covid, otherwise they wouldn't be so happy to vote for him!

  95. Monsterenergydrinker


    Måned siden

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  96. that one guy with the voice

    that one guy with the voice

    Måned siden

    Trump is gone, it seems that it's going to be smooth sailing for a while, at least until the republicans and the democrats mix again

  97. Really?!


    Måned siden

    Trump and his lackeys should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  98. KlxH


    Måned siden

    So stupid. I used to dream of living in America but now I couldn't think of anything more horrifying. The most unbelievable and ridiculous thought process since have ever seen. Terrified of gun reform and strengthening your argument saying that you're worried about the government taking over and being unable to defend yourselves. Yet you're so patriotic at the same time. Refusing to understand genuine statistics on deaths and deciding to refuse such a number purely based on the fact that you have no care of your fellow neighbours. I have never seen such a country in complete disarray and disrepair yet people willfully claim its still the best country in the world. You've all been brainwashed and pushed into a narrative that directly hypocrises you're own beliefs but you go ahead with it. Grow up and fucking learn (P.S you're not speaking American you're speaking English)

  99. Linda Reedy

    Linda Reedy

    Måned siden

    Locupletissimi familias et regionibus in mundo sint modo res ad Virus et partum de vaccina. Sacra sunt admissi vaccini ripam TRANSERO creare mundum. Qui negotiantur in terra vaccina naturae. Orationis mihi ad te, o caelum, mater hunc mundum uno omne genus castrationum est quod unus ex eis. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare exsculpere, aures et manus amputauit exsculpere. Constitues eos occidunt. Ut per exemplum eorum et Dominum pro toto mundo videre. Quod semper placere ipsi sunt domini planning disperde eam disperde eam disperde eam conterere conterere conterere Sic fiat.

  100. 2006glg


    Måned siden

    This is why I've never gotten ahead in life because I tell the truth and I do not care about the title of who I'm speaking to. He woulda got fact- checked in real time by me.