Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.

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  1. Case


    Time siden

    Wow, she's really charming and funny :)

  2. Cameron Hale

    Cameron Hale

    6 timer siden

    So is Public Shaming just Cancel Culture now?

  3. Maryse Bean

    Maryse Bean

    11 timer siden

    Never liked tucker Carlson. He needs to get some lips.

  4. Cynthia Peterson

    Cynthia Peterson

    20 timer siden

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  5. Tito Tim Travels

    Tito Tim Travels

    Dag siden

    I was visiting London right as this 'scandal' was blowing up. My friends there asked me what the big deal was. All I could do is lamely say the president got a blowjob. All my friends in London were like 'and..." They could not understand why this was a big deal - and neither could I. It was just the Grand Obstructionist Party warming up before becoming the GQP. Newt had multiple, well known, affairs, even while he cried about Clinton, and his colleagues did not care. I always felt sorry for Monica. She and Bill did nothing out of the ordinary.

  6. wesmont87


    2 dager siden

    Imagine that every room you walk into is full of people you've never met who have been mocking you for years. What we did to this woman is shameful and we should beg her forgiveness

  7. wesmont87


    2 dager siden

    Anyone interested in this topic should read So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Ron Johnson. Shame and indignity are among the most powerful human emotions and the ones that most easily drive a person to violence and self harm.

  8. Roofus Bird Penis

    Roofus Bird Penis

    2 dager siden

    Monica has and always will be, the better of the two people involved in that scandal.

  9. wesmont87


    2 dager siden

    Monica you're a warrior and you look better than ever. Run for president

  10. Christina Vani

    Christina Vani

    2 dager siden

    This was powerful. I definitely cried while watching this. Thank you for this excellent interview and your compassion... Alvin. And thank you, Monica, for your strength, humour, confidence, compassion, and no-nonsense attitude. Thank you both for being sources of goodness in the world.

  11. mybluejay


    3 dager siden

    Gracias Monica, por el coraje de vivirlo y contar las historias. All the women that have been molested stand by you. Gracias.

  12. Lark Vs. Owl

    Lark Vs. Owl

    3 dager siden

    Leno is the worst. Monica is the best.

  13. D'andre Chesterfield

    D'andre Chesterfield

    3 dager siden

    Sad thing is we still only know of Monica Lewinsky for one thing and will only know her that way for the rest of her life and years into the future. Imagine not having a choice what your legacy will be because of one mistake you made.

  14. Snowapplyby


    4 dager siden

    No one asked bill Clinton to change his name when reminded that he was married to Hillary Clinton, who was and still is a political powerhouse. Not in always the best way, mind you-but her name carries weight regardless.

  15. legendhero 45

    legendhero 45

    4 dager siden

    Edit comment.*

  16. Rodrigo Grande

    Rodrigo Grande

    5 dager siden

    She went through this in her 20s and is this overall such a great person at this point of it all?! Dawg I can barely get through one pay period as a working class American without having a few drinks and a few solid soul searching episodes to myself.

  17. The Marsman Walking Podcast

    The Marsman Walking Podcast

    5 dager siden

    Bill Clinton did get impeached for his affair so while he didn't get the decades of shame like Monica Lewinsky he did have a pretty big consequence for what he did

  18. Mario Gomez

    Mario Gomez

    6 dager siden

    Monica, YOU are the greatest!!! Your resiliency is an inspiration to us all. Wish you great success and good luck in all your endeavours.

  19. HumanChangeSkeptic


    6 dager siden

    It's 2021 and the hashtag, #TuckerCarlsonFucksHisRoomba is in dire need of revival

  20. Don't Panic

    Don't Panic

    8 dager siden

    This interview with Monica was inspiring, proving yet again we're the sum of our parts, are more than our caricatures and what people say say about us, more than just our mistakes. Don't know how sadism became our national pastime over baseball and freedom, but in our quests for justice and vengeance, we too often do nothing more than feed the ego. What was that neat concept from the Cherokee about character? Just saw it referenced in "Tomorrowland" recently... Oh, yeah: There are two wolves and they're always fighting. One is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope. Which wolf wins? Whichever one you feed. Don't know if our sadism comes from our domestic and foreign policies and just trickles down or comes from our media and gets zapped into our heads, is caused by the platforms we use and the entertainment we consume or comes from our religions or from capitalism, from elitism or self-determinism or tribalism-- but it's throughout our culture now and about the only thing countering it are elementary schools and our celebrities and comedians and philosophers. Besides that, the only others adhering to duty and integrity are a few independent journalists cast as right-wing loonies, a handful of cultural leaders cast as unpatriotic antagonists and our intellectuals, who largely go ignored and unread by a public no longer much interested in the medium, trusting more in charisma than in context, content or character. Getting off topic. Some truly deserve our ire, some deserve every rock thrown at them, but it's not our job to be the pitcher. Which wolf wins? Whichever one we feed.

  21. Agnes Gore

    Agnes Gore

    8 dager siden

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    Agnes Gore

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    Agnes Gore

    8 dager siden

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    Agnes Gore

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    Agnes Gore

    8 dager siden

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  26. Diesel333


    9 dager siden

    She knew he was married and was a father. It's not like this was hidden from her.

  27. Anony Mouze

    Anony Mouze

    10 dager siden

    I must say: President Clinton got a shifty deal in regards to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Her husband, got exactly what he deserved, though

    • Anony Mouze

      Anony Mouze

      10 dager siden

      Lost his job, wife, and home. Wait, that sounds like a country & western song

  28. jennybugsification13


    10 dager siden

    Here in 2021... and still a great interview.

  29. Tammy Bertrand

    Tammy Bertrand

    11 dager siden

    SHE is the class act in this scenario. It takes a strong person to carry on after all the crap that was thrown at her. Well done!

  30. potaterjim


    11 dager siden

    Looking back at this, _how stupid_ was the whole monica lewinsky thing anyway? "A woman had sex with the president" Can you imagine if we found out Trump was having an affair? No one would bat a damn eye!

  31. Paulette Valiton

    Paulette Valiton

    12 dager siden

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  32. Lmao What

    Lmao What

    12 dager siden

    Covid made all this even worse it's hell out there.

  33. o0O-JD-O0o


    13 dager siden

    just so you know monica , i seriously never cracked one joke or made fun of or even mentioned your name through all of that

  34. Panopticon


    13 dager siden

    I've watched this interview several times over the past couple of years and I learn something positive each time I do. I am so pleased for Monica and how she's been able to recover from this public haranguing. She's talented, well-spoken, and has a powerful message that we could all learn from. I remember being 22 years old and many of the silly things I did. I look back and smile, knowing that it's all a part of life. Great interview John!

  35. anelisa just anelisa

    anelisa just anelisa

    13 dager siden

    I legit found out about the Bill Clinton scandal from a rap reference of Monica Lewinsky. One tough cookie!

  36. Basun33


    14 dager siden

    thank you for being that sweet oliver

  37. Alexandra juistinga

    Alexandra juistinga

    15 dager siden

    I wish her the best life!she is inspirational and funny!

  38. CJ


    17 dager siden

    she's so pretty, and her experiences made her so wise and emotionally strong. great woman

  39. jordan carneal

    jordan carneal

    17 dager siden

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  40. Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    18 dager siden

    How the hell do you get 127,000 dollars in medical bills from a broken wrist???

  41. Richard Bodunde

    Richard Bodunde

    18 dager siden

    She is a classic 👌

  42. Esquire1995


    18 dager siden

    Where does Lewinsky work? Does she have a job or does she live off of the notoriety of her unfortunate mistake/choice? She's brave.

  43. Nishan Upadhyaya

    Nishan Upadhyaya

    18 dager siden

    i Kinda liked john oliver but now I'm hooked on to the show love it ❤️

  44. Alex Araya

    Alex Araya

    18 dager siden

    Notice how she almost doesn't mention Bill or Hilly I wonder if there are legal constrains on the number of times she can Say their names

  45. Luthien S

    Luthien S

    19 dager siden

    I find it ironic that throughout my entire life, every time I think "everything is fine", its actually the opposite.

  46. Lazav Dimir Usurper

    Lazav Dimir Usurper

    19 dager siden

    This generation wouldnt be able to handle what Monica survived

  47. Geccpls


    19 dager siden

    Last Week Tonight with Monica Lewinsky when

  48. Steve Hancock

    Steve Hancock

    19 dager siden

    (KayeR here) Hate to admit it but we were one who publicly (and loudly) shamed Ms. Lewinski back in the early days of aol. We are a SA Survivor who has trouble with our pronouns but here goes: We are deeply sorry for having hurt Ms. Lewinski. Knowing then what we know now about Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein and having experienced my own therapy in my late 40's we are only beginning to understand the dissociation and damage that comes with the hands or in the many hands of an active sexual predator like an Epstein or Clinton. Someone once called these acts "soul crushing" and i couldn't agree more BUT its easy to see they didn't take yours and they can try to come for mine but will not succeed. Ever. Again, this Spectrum Girl apologizes Ms. Lewinski. Oh, and Alvin works because of Oliver's chipmunk cheeks. And Tucker gets no Roomba from me on twitter. Hes just not. that. funny.

  49. Illuminus 4

    Illuminus 4

    20 dager siden

    Monica is Super Fine!😏😍

  50. Virginia Tilley

    Virginia Tilley

    21 dag siden

    I'm SO unconvinced by Monica Lewisnky's poor-me narrative. Apparently she wasn't too young or stupid to have sex with the President of the United States in the Oval Office. But she definitely wasn't too young to be blamed for it -- outlandishly bad judgement in doing something that had to have been personally thrilling but that she had to know was both off the scale and could endanger an entire presidency. She did it anyway. Then it all blows up, she's was the international spotlight for wrecking a party and a government, and she's suddenly pouring poor-me victim tears because the too too cruel world has crushed her privacy, casting her as a clueless government-crushing doof? Sorry, falls flat. Believe me, I'm not letting Clinton off the hook. For anyone who doesn't know this, DC remains full of male-leveraged illicit sex in every direction and sex between aides with powerful men remains the rule than the exception even in the MeToo era. But Lewinsky wasn't some fifteen-year-old neophyte in this situation. She was a 22-25-year-old rising professional capable of assessing the world around her - the same age, that is, as those fighting the MeToo battle today. And at some point, personal responsibility kicks even even with a charismatic sex-magnet like Bill Clinton. It's like some kid crying "it's not fair!" for having been caught out for eating an entire birthday cake .

  51. Two Marshmallows

    Two Marshmallows

    21 dag siden

    She's amazing. Thank you so much for this interview!

  52. Elaine Dodson

    Elaine Dodson

    22 dager siden

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  53. Mark Elias Grant

    Mark Elias Grant

    22 dager siden

    Watching Oliver melt during this interview was annoying. She was a 22 year old adult when she chose to engage in a consensual relationship with a married man, the President, and bragged about it to her friends and colleagues. Linda Tripp betrayed her and recorded the conversations. I am confused as to how Monica was "a victim"? The president was wrong to do what he did, and I recall, as a Democrat that we defended Clinton at the time or turned a blind eye to his clear transgression. Monica Lewinsky is not to be pitied or empathized with: she is a warning to tell people, DON'T HAVE SEX WITH A MARRIED MAN.

    • Jonathan Edelson

      Jonathan Edelson

      19 dager siden

      She did wrong and has to own that. IMHO the level of scorn and shame heaped upon her for _decades_ greatly exceeds any sort of reasonable punishment, and greatly exceeds the scorn and shame placed upon the other adult involved. The problem is not that she had to take the blame for her actions. The problem is that we as a society pick a target for our punishment, mete out punishment far disproportionally and far in excess of what is warranted, and then wash our hands of it and blame the victim.

  54. 796andy2


    23 dager siden

    I could have got worse ( donning my tin foil hat ) the Clinton's could have had you killed ...

  55. Widdekuu91


    23 dager siden

    It's 2021 now and I feel the need to add something about the whole "Karen" trend. I personally have asked for the manager *PLENTY* of times, simply because employees are busy working and usually say they do not have the authority to help me out. So far, this has resulted in a few extra hand sanitizers for their employees (because I heard they only got one that they had to share) and several extra bins in the parkinglot. Not to mention, I got a free new Milkshake because my first one was spoiled, which the employee was not allowed to give me, but the manager surely was. So far, I haven't been called a Karen, but had someone stuck a camera in my face and screamed at me (or had I been on medication, suffering from a mental disorder ór lack of sleep) I'd have probably already been put online. No need for the escalation, stop videotaping everyone. Stop creating pressure and fear, there's no need, the company is strong enough to deal with this by themselves and speak with the person in private.

  56. kim Gah

    kim Gah

    23 dager siden

    Monica Lewinsky went through so much shit she almost got put in the conservatorship #FreeBritney

  57. WiscoGirl


    23 dager siden

    Monica is an absolutely beautiful, intelligent woman! Such an inspiration for so many! Bravo 👏👏👏👏

  58. EmiB


    24 dager siden

    Monica is rad. I’m so glad she’s able to have a sense of humor and help other people. 100% Team Monica!

  59. dave etcetera

    dave etcetera

    25 dager siden

    John's show has a big slice of public shaming in it, or at least inspires the same public outrage and condemnation so we the audience feels righteous.

  60. Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa

    Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa

    26 dager siden

    I never thought ill of her. I was a child when it happened, but even now I hear her name and my brain immediately goes to Clinton and his transgressions. I didn't even know what she looked like until this video. I hope things are better for her.

  61. brendamontgomery850


    27 dager siden

    Opening her mouth and telling another person was her mistake. Some things you take to the grave

  62. Agent Orange

    Agent Orange

    28 dager siden

    Hey Oliver... I'd giggle flirt too she's got hotter with that personality

  63. Puffy Snowball

    Puffy Snowball

    29 dager siden

    I regret not having been more sympathetic at the time. I’m glad she appears to have gotten her s**t so together She looks great

  64. K B

    K B

    29 dager siden

    Two words: cancel culture

  65. Will & Jon

    Will & Jon

    Måned siden

    Jay Leno is and will always be trash

  66. Raven Echo

    Raven Echo

    Måned siden

    i cant imagine how strong one would have to be, and to come out strong and okay. its beautiful really, it was so misogynistic the level of bullying

  67. ChannelUmptyThree


    Måned siden

    25:20 Monica's response to that question "Yeah... yeah it would" was delivered with the same intonation and inflexions that John Alvin JAX(All capitals because...why not?) Oliver uses

  68. Rob Gable

    Rob Gable

    Måned siden

    I'd like to apologize to Monica on behalf of all the Jay Lenos of the world. She did not deserve any of it. Bill is the one who should have been shamed.

  69. Michelle M

    Michelle M

    Måned siden

    Speaking of people receiving undeserved public shaming in the 1990's, I always felt bad for how Chelsea Clinton was treated by the right-wing media. Imagine going through your awkard early teen years in the public spotlight, with some jerks saying very nasty things about your appearance. Sure, Monica and Chelsea are both strong women now because of what they endured, but the point is that they never should have had to endure it in the first place.

  70. Sloppy Joe

    Sloppy Joe

    Måned siden

    It's amazing to see the intelligent and honorable woman behind all of the controversy

  71. Roberto Colon

    Roberto Colon

    Måned siden

    This whole interview =========Garbage in /Garbage out!!!!!

  72. Kimberly Chodur

    Kimberly Chodur

    Måned siden

    I'm sorry but I don't feel one ounce of sympathy for Monica, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into! Not that I don't fault Bill too.

  73. justwnl


    Måned siden

    Looks a bit like Jacks was crushing a little over Monica. Best interview with Monica Lewinsky ever. What a long tough road you've traveled, which makes it that much more satisfying to see who's laughing now.

  74. deoyx


    Måned siden

    I hope she has a wonderful day.

  75. Daniel Battles

    Daniel Battles

    Måned siden

    I think people worry too much about what everyone else has to say.

  76. hateswhitewhales


    Måned siden

    dang....monica lewinsky is a fox now.

  77. Natalie Grey

    Natalie Grey

    Måned siden

    Great interview!!!

  78. Esther Goodman

    Esther Goodman

    Måned siden

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  79. Charles Gallagher

    Charles Gallagher

    Måned siden

    But the big question is, did she spit or swallow?

  80. Carlos Taylor

    Carlos Taylor

    Måned siden

    Never thought I would say this but I am such a big fan of Monica Lewinski. Such grace and such charisma. It definitely seems like she’s grown more from her experience than she’s been hurt by it, and I’m happy for that.

  81. katia kareche

    katia kareche

    Måned siden

    i like this channel thank you !

  82. 666wurm


    Måned siden

    Good interview with Monika.

  83. aboveFrag


    Måned siden

    She looks good af 😍😩

  84. Zepol Yar

    Zepol Yar

    Måned siden

    I would feel bad for Monica if she didn't constantly turn into and play on her scandal status. Seems like at least once a month I see her replying to someone's tweet with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Clinton scandal. Hard to believe it ruined your life when you are constantly bringing it up.

  85. eric the gray

    eric the gray

    Måned siden

    Yea shaming etc is bad but easy way to get rich. Get the line light and sell out

  86. Max F.

    Max F.

    Måned siden

    John Jax Oliver Alvin: Every 22 year old is some version of an idiot. Me: No. Oh wait, yeah.

  87. Father NoJoy

    Father NoJoy

    Måned siden

    Strength and perseverance are so crucial to making your way though this world and Monica’s story should inspire all of us to be better.

  88. HeartsOfLight313


    Måned siden

    Shame is not part of a healthy learning process. If anything, shame stunts people from learning anything. People just learn to hide their shortcomings rather than actually working towards improvement.



    Måned siden

    Damn she’s funny as hell, just saying

  90. almafuertegmailcom


    Måned siden

    The craziest thing about the Lewinsky story is that she was not in a position of power, he was. She was not the president of the United States of America, he was, and she was not married, he was. And yet, he was basically let off the hook. He didn't lose his job, she did, and his public life wasn't affected, he continued as if nothing had happened, and his wife had a long political career and even was a presidential candidate, while Lewinsky was still associated with just the scandal all the time. Totally unfair.

  91. Jay Weekes

    Jay Weekes

    Måned siden


  92. joe king

    joe king

    Måned siden

    By now you should know she is an actress. Other women were victims....

    • Rem Mo

      Rem Mo

      Måned siden

      As was she

  93. Fiona Rutherford

    Fiona Rutherford

    Måned siden

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  94. jenny pig

    jenny pig

    Måned siden

    I went through a shit storm that was like 1/12th of what Monica has had to go through, and it felt horrible, I felt so alone. People were calling me horrible things like the ’ass wipe of society’ even when they never even asked questions about the whole situation. I am still effected by all the mean comments til this day. I hope people start realizing that their words toward others have genuine effects. I hope people have more sympathy towards others. I hope public shaming towards innocent people stop. And I hope innocent victims of public shaming recover from their horrific experience.

  95. Stephen Harrison

    Stephen Harrison

    Måned siden

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  96. Ras Alghul

    Ras Alghul

    Måned siden

    If a female compared men to dogs, no one would care...and there is your fake outrage and hypocrisy

  97. Glenn Siegel

    Glenn Siegel

    Måned siden

    awesome interview John

  98. Jeremiah Waterways

    Jeremiah Waterways

    Måned siden

    Yay for Monica. Sorry we were all jerks. You're a world teacher now.

  99. Allison Cabrera

    Allison Cabrera

    Måned siden

    Thank you for meeting with Monica 🤍 it’s so important for media to look at the past, recognize our mistakes as a society, and in a way apologize to those who were wronged