Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.

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  1. Abhaya Intelligence

    Abhaya Intelligence

    Dag siden


  2. Abhaya Intelligence

    Abhaya Intelligence

    Dag siden


  3. Narasimham K L

    Narasimham K L

    2 dager siden

    at the end when rachel dratch did a psychic reading.. surprisingly i am the only one in my family with an 'M' in the name. No one in my family has 'W' 'E' or an 'M' in their entire names...

  4. Nova Ray

    Nova Ray

    2 dager siden

    As someone IN the spiritual community, we all know that tv and carnival psychics are fake and using these techniques. They manipulate grieving and desperate people for money and fame.

  5. Dawn Horton

    Dawn Horton

    3 dager siden

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  6. Ashley Tan

    Ashley Tan

    4 dager siden

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  7. Lacy Valenti

    Lacy Valenti

    4 dager siden

    Just got banned from a Facebook LA Girls group for sharing this video on their page. Apparently they found it too intolerant to point out the truth about psychics exploiting people for financial gain.

  8. le hongcong

    le hongcong

    4 dager siden

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  9. Langston Sanders

    Langston Sanders

    5 dager siden

    He woke up and chose violence

  10. Langston Sanders

    Langston Sanders

    5 dager siden

    He woke up and chose violence

  11. good_boy_drogon


    5 dager siden

    I don’t believe that psychics can tell where people are or whether they’re dead or not. But I do believe in necromancy, which involves rituals, not just closing your eyes. I’m a witch, and it is very hard to create a connection between the mortal world and the spirit world. So no, these people aren’t talking to the dead.

  12. Northern Assassin

    Northern Assassin

    8 dager siden

    These psychics need a public beating.

  13. Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

    Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

    8 dager siden

    2:38 Did a psychic write that for you?

  14. Aaron A

    Aaron A

    8 dager siden

    The praying mantis thing is a myth. The people who were monitoring the mantis couple that cannibalized after sex starved the mantises first. This was an outlier case, not their normal behavior. Kind of like how lemmings are known to jump off cliffs when Disney literally made that up.

  15. Danni Henson

    Danni Henson

    9 dager siden

    Idk i always predict pets death, my aunt could predict the weather better than the weatherman, and the Simpsons!

  16. Christian Jarhult

    Christian Jarhult

    11 dager siden

    I read "Physics" and became interested for a while! 😂

  17. DoctorpooandtheTURDIS


    11 dager siden

    Remember: Harry Houdini and his wife had a pact so that whichever one of them died first would communicate a predetermimed codeword to the psychic, and if the psychic was legit, they'd know it. No "psychic" ever got it right.

  18. Beth


    13 dager siden

    "I'm right here." Killed me.

  19. Picard Dobbins

    Picard Dobbins

    13 dager siden

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  20. Si Walton

    Si Walton

    14 dager siden

    I happen to like SIDEKICKS ( it would be impossible to make a decent movie without them )

  21. Brave At Heart

    Brave At Heart

    14 dager siden

    She's right, my grandmother IS a bitch!

  22. Grania Kenyangi

    Grania Kenyangi

    14 dager siden

    What's the difference between a psychic and a medium

  23. D. Mills

    D. Mills

    15 dager siden

    John is a one of a kind and funnier than most comedians I know of.

  24. OFTwify


    17 dager siden

    Parasites... preying on the grieving and gullible.

  25. Susan Devoe

    Susan Devoe

    17 dager siden

    So glad you mentioned the obviously fake medium Sylvia Brown that Montel Hall kept bringing on his show. OMG. She was just totally ludicrous, and so blatantly phoney!! But Sylvia was just SO good at on the spot "explaining off" her inacurate, immediate readings in progress!! She was actually caught in many segments on the show in MANY stupid, totally inaccurate readings, that made no sense whatsoever!! She'd obviously had LOTS of practice in such sideways deception, throwing a few things over the side of the boat, over the years, so she didn't look QUITE as stupid. This I thought was much like the emperor who had no clothes -- Sylvia's modus operandi was obvious, i.e., to pretend & exclaim enough to expect (erroneously) the ignorant masses would go along with her deception & just figure it was THEM who didn't recognize her brilliantly "accurate" reading. (Wow -- talk about gaslighting!!) Sylvia always tried pushing that concept off on people when she was so frequently wrong in her readings guesswork. But she DID know better, as she was basically just a very deliberate scammer onto a good thing, as they all are, & just didn't really care if she hurt gullible people. And Montel?? He SEEMED to be an intelligent man, and I really quite liked him personally, but he was just SO obviously in thrall, of Sylvia herself, and in believing just EVERYthing she said on his show!! And he kept bringing her back & back & back, incomprehensively -- and she was personally just SO obnoxious to watch & listen to!! It was ALL just SO sad to watch. I really did feel sorry for Montel, in his being so stupidly (& publicly) gullible, over & over & over, and in his also giving Sylvia a huge national, and international, platform to scam from!! Montel, you also made her a small (or maybe large!) totally scammed fortune off of everyday mostly grieving people. WHY??? I hope Montel has at least wized up since then. (And, no, Sylvia, do NOT bother to haunt me. I will just royally tell you off, repeatedly, about using Montel (& a great many of his viewers) the way you did, taking such terrible advantage of him & them, so blatantly and with such total disregard, in order for you to, dispicably, just further your scam. Got that, Sylvia???)

  26. A F

    A F

    17 dager siden

    Oh god... the hair

  27. Carmel Buckingham

    Carmel Buckingham

    18 dager siden

    Rachel dratch is a gift to humanity. "bingo bango"

    • Susan Devoe

      Susan Devoe

      17 dager siden

      Yeah....poor sucker Montel

  28. TurtleToots


    18 dager siden

    It broke my heart to find out they weren't actually married. *Wah waaah*

  29. Blackasthesky


    18 dager siden

    Of god the cringe *shivers*

  30. Dorothy Say

    Dorothy Say

    19 dager siden

    You’re so dumb to imagine psychic people don’t exist. I’ve got a bit of it myself. But of course fakes exist….they are legion. And predatory behavior is awful in any walk of life.

  31. Tina McCall

    Tina McCall

    19 dager siden

    When you allow yourself to remember who they were, and to tell their stories, the dead talk to you every day.

  32. Leonard Patterson

    Leonard Patterson

    19 dager siden

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  33. Yolanda Shikers

    Yolanda Shikers

    19 dager siden

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  34. tita vaughns

    tita vaughns

    19 dager siden

    Idk the other readers but Theresa "The Long Island Medium" has repeatedly described specific scenarios. She even explains where and how she may be misinterpreting (bc no one knows everything in this world) and how she reads. Her I trust bc she'll acknowledge her flaws and actively works to be a better translator

  35. Riley Turner

    Riley Turner

    19 dager siden

    When I read the title I thought “why is John Oliver angry at Physics? I thought that was a pretty well established science”

  36. Ebiwanton


    19 dager siden

    I would've loved it if they had the kid in Denny's hover around the table with the reporter pretending she couldn't see him to freak out the psychic.

  37. ben V

    ben V

    20 dager siden

    I stopped using the TuneIn App because they runs ads for Psychics of California (scammers). TuneIn essentially facilitates scamming people by accepting their ads.

  38. Candace Crofoot

    Candace Crofoot

    20 dager siden

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  39. Tom Ripsin

    Tom Ripsin

    21 dag siden

    2:45 Boy does this joke have added resonance after the whole Game Stop stock market thing earlier this year.

  40. Rene Sr.

    Rene Sr.

    21 dag siden

    Good for the "psychics!" If you're stupid enough to give them money, personal responsibility.

    • M J-F

      M J-F

      6 dager siden

      They prey on vulnerable people

  41. Peter Welsh

    Peter Welsh

    22 dager siden

    2:40 So they ridicule the idea of getting rich off GameStop. So anyone watching this would assimilate the idea that GameStop is a terrible investment. Now in 2021, turns out it was an amazing, game changing, "Wizard of Oz"-revealing investment. Lesson? -just because shows like this make you feel smart, hip, informed, laugh your dong off: that doesn't mean you are getting sage wisdom to live by, or a proper frame of reality. Laugh BUTT think for yourself. In an alternate universe nearby, there's footage of a drunk, angry Jon Oliver, firing his writers for missing out on the GameStop investment fortunes

    • James Smith

      James Smith

      21 dag siden

      Are you really this stupid or is this a joke?

  42. Drew Neilson

    Drew Neilson

    22 dager siden

    In the 1990 movie "Ghost", a so-called 'spiritual advisor' (a psychic ) named Oda Mae Brown takes advantage of vulnerable people for profit, and the movie does a pretty good job of showing how she does it. Of course, when she meets Sam--the movie's protagonist, whom is a ghost--she *gains* the ability to hear ghosts, but my point is that during her first few minutes on screen, we see a con artist at work. We also get to see a police officer explain to Molly--Sam's girlfriend--how con artists work. I love this movie, and as I watched this segment by John Oliver about psychics, I couldn't help but think of Oda Mae Brown.

  43. dick hughes

    dick hughes

    23 dager siden

    Belief is not a way of knowing something whether you are for or against it. Professor Rupert Sheldrake, A Cambridge Biology professor, who ran experiments to try and fool a dog who always knew when his owner was coming home. They could not fool JT. He always knew when his owner had decided to come home and was a few minutes away. See the video on NOnet "Dog who knows when his owner is coming home".

  44. Deven


    24 dager siden

    My dumbass clicked on the video cause u read physics

  45. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun

    25 dager siden

    I thought this video would be about physics :(

  46. SomethingElse


    25 dager siden

    How well can I predict the future? Medium.

  47. Andrew Graziani

    Andrew Graziani

    25 dager siden

    "On our sister network " . OUR SISTER NETWORK!!!

  48. Michael Baggett

    Michael Baggett

    25 dager siden

    Quit hogging the auto play

  49. Sara


    26 dager siden

    I got the one saying no one at their funeral had a good time, and the fact that that's something my cousin would actually say-

  50. Little Bit

    Little Bit

    26 dager siden

    My next career will be pet psychic. They can’t say you’re wrong.

  51. Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa

    Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa

    26 dager siden

    "Your Grandma's a bitch." Nothing else would make me believe psychics are real more than that statement.

  52. Burnsy McBurn

    Burnsy McBurn

    27 dager siden

    20:50 I spent the whole video laughing, then I find the one truly accurate part in here. Now I don't know what to believe...

  53. j v

    j v

    27 dager siden

    the nails

  54. Wasim Helwani

    Wasim Helwani

    27 dager siden

    This is in the US!! holy shit

  55. April Gardner

    April Gardner

    28 dager siden

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  56. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito

    28 dager siden

    *How did she know my grandmother was a bitch... She must really have the gift!*

  57. kingpest 13

    kingpest 13

    29 dager siden

    "does someone have a scar on Their foot"

  58. Wayne Igoe

    Wayne Igoe

    29 dager siden

    Umm... John... Sorry... But... um... Penn and Teller beat ya to this topic... They did an episode of "Bullshit" on psychics. They even had multiple psychics on the show to illustrate the same points you're making, and even had someone who USED to be a psychic and decided to switch sides like Houdini did to prove wrong the people who used the tricks to profit maliciously... And as funny as you are... That episode was WAY better.

  59. Jaclyn Zimmerman

    Jaclyn Zimmerman

    29 dager siden

    I would watch the heck out of "Wakey Wakey."

  60. Where No One Has Gone Before

    Where No One Has Gone Before

    Måned siden

    Dr. Phil is a murderer. I now know what I should from this episode.

  61. Christopher Canadate

    Christopher Canadate

    Måned siden

    Lol this is easiest one of the funniest Last Week Tonight topics 😭

  62. DarkstarZeroOne


    Måned siden

    I've met people who were psychic. Also experienced psychic phenomenon during 2 near death experiences. But you are right there are many fakes.

  63. Tony N

    Tony N

    Måned siden

    Really dropped the ball on this one. Only focused on the preditors. The FBI and the CIA uses mediums and psychics. This reporting is a massive failure. I'm not even saying I believe in them. But this is a smear more than anything.

  64. michael mendoza

    michael mendoza

    Måned siden

    Everytime I hear a so called psychic had a reading it's always it's okay I'm okay you can move on don't worry about me I love you thank you it's never b**** I hate you I never loved you please worry about me

  65. Simone Amrine

    Simone Amrine

    Måned siden

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  66. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman Baksh

    Måned siden

    Greg from Gamestop is actually making bank now in 2021. I guess the joke was on us!

  67. denvera1g1


    Måned siden

    2:37 Turns out, John Oliver is the only legitimate psychic

  68. Luthien S

    Luthien S

    Måned siden

    All I heard was don't fuck clouds!

  69. Jeremy Dirr

    Jeremy Dirr

    Måned siden

    Why proof is there that Matt Lauer is smart? Do you just assume celebrities are smart? Or people in the media? All evidence points to him being a dumb, gullible aashole.

  70. Janie Lee

    Janie Lee

    Måned siden

    It seems to me you are too lol and your not at home lol

  71. Connie Carroll

    Connie Carroll

    Måned siden

    People claiming to be spokesmen to the other side have be around for who knows how long. Harry Houdini spent the latter part of his life exposing the fake ones that kept coming to him claiming they could reach his mother who he heard while he was under ice water during a stunt and almost drowned. If there are any real ones they few.

  72. Cyph Chan

    Cyph Chan

    Måned siden

    Holy crap... How did she know my grandmudduh is a b*tch?!

  73. Ionn Eetall

    Ionn Eetall

    Måned siden

    I don't believe in communication with the dead, but I do believe in communication with demons, devils, Satan, and God. And anything that claims to be a spirit, angel, or ghost is a demon.

  74. Lourdes Del Conde

    Lourdes Del Conde

    Måned siden

    a totally agree, 99.99% of those so called psychics are frauds, but help me understand what happened to me: a lady I have never met or saw in my life, was with someone I needed to talk to, out of the blue she told me very a specific descripion of my deceased brother, he was at my "side" asking 4 me to pray for him...I freaked....latter that day I met her at a chappel and we both prayed 4 my brother; I thanked her and that was it, never heard from her again. She told me she had that gift and sometimes she could see things, my brother needed a specia prayer. WHat can you make of that?

  75. Robert Platt

    Robert Platt

    Måned siden

    Oprah has enabled every chalatan imaginable and skates on all of it.

  76. StarHoomanPlayz


    Måned siden

    I have a friend who was a psychic. She claimed to have noticed these powers when she was a child. Yet she is on marriage number 5! Go figure. They are all a bunch of charlatans.

  77. Cole Trickle

    Cole Trickle

    Måned siden

    Fucking love when John has Rachel Dratch on!

  78. jerico641


    Måned siden

    I have GOT to figure a way to destroy my scruples and do this nonsense for a living; even intelligent people believe this crap because at heart, apparently, they want to. Jesus, how the 💰 could roll in...

  79. Rudy V

    Rudy V

    Måned siden

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    Måned siden

    There are dark forces on the earth That manipulate people And pretend to to be good Psychic people attach to this energy Without knowing exactly what it really Is They are master manipulators Manipulating their host the human And humans are the victims And allow this energy because The energy manipulated them Making them think they have powers When really it is these dark angels That have the power But they make you feel like it’s you and your higher self All lies So they believe that they are helping When really they are sinking their claws 🦞 into this person And brainwashing them To believe that they are doing good And then the energy tries to keep there host to themselves They don’t want them to have others around them They want you to be separated from society It gives them power And if you try to walk away They won’t let you easily walk REMEMBER THE DEVIL IS THE KING OF THIS PLANET THE BEST LIAR THEIR IS

  81. Mozokuni


    Måned siden

    Because of the crazy font in the thumbnail and the speed at which I clicked on the video, I went into this thinking the video was about Physics. Psychics are the opposite of physics.

  82. JohnJaggerJack


    Måned siden

    New challenge: #seeamediumslapamedium

  83. dallastaylor 547

    dallastaylor 547

    Måned siden

    I bet they're trump supporters.

  84. SooperMike


    Måned siden

    It's so cool to hear other people laughing along with me!

  85. nowgleaning


    Måned siden

    Rachel Dracht, f*ckn' legend! 👑

  86. lenny koss

    lenny koss

    Måned siden


  87. Rethaxian


    Måned siden

    Rip James Randi. One of the few men fighting all of that nonsense.

  88. Comic Book Nostalgia

    Comic Book Nostalgia

    Måned siden

    Fraudster and liars who take advantage of people grief...

  89. Anaid


    Måned siden

    😲 how did she knowww?

  90. Emily K. Sullivan

    Emily K. Sullivan

    Måned siden

    I have done this work for 7 years. I unprofessionally have done this work my whole life. So is he showing the people who are legit? Why are psychics pulled out of all the professions as people who make mistakes? Is he talking about doctors that have killed people? I do not like that my profession is making him money for a subject for his show. He is very uneducated and only pointing out the negative of our field. Yes this is a part of our field people who make people in our field look bad. I guess our field has joined the field of media, take the worst and make money off of people's mistake. When you have a client in front of you and they are a couple of days away from taking their own lives, and I know this as the professional, without cold reading, you realize the importance of what you do. Contest if you will but people in my profession have existed humans existed. Just an example, back in Egyptian times, people would not take their ships out before seeing the "see-er", they would go to them for what the weather would look like.

  91. Holden Sanders

    Holden Sanders

    Måned siden

    "There's a big D" ;P

  92. Ker Lozano

    Ker Lozano

    Måned siden

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  93. Eddie Izm

    Eddie Izm

    Måned siden

    That GameStop joke hits different now eh?

  94. MeowMix^7


    Måned siden

    I dyslexia read the title as physics... and I was disappointed it was about psychics.

  95. Nathaniel Jordan

    Nathaniel Jordan

    Måned siden

    "...which is weird, because there's not a whole lot else going on..." Give it 2-3 weeks John...

  96. Naked mole rat queen

    Naked mole rat queen

    Måned siden

    No fucking the clouds? So fucking the stairs is fine right?

  97. Joseph Keller

    Joseph Keller

    Måned siden

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  98. Doesnt Matter

    Doesnt Matter

    Måned siden

    Is that blonde lady from Long Island darleen,s aunt?

  99. Gaurav Bose

    Gaurav Bose

    Måned siden

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  100. livewireOr


    Måned siden

    Has someone in the comment section.......lost a cat? A black cat with four legs? It's trying to.........................................communicate with me. anyone?