Juries: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver takes a look at why people of color are routinely excluded from becoming jurors, who their absence impacts, and what we can do to create a fairer system.

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  1. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah

    15 timer siden

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  2. Эклер


    2 dager siden

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  3. Finding Nico

    Finding Nico

    2 dager siden

    Race Cards are okay but I prefer my Race Car

  4. J P

    J P

    3 dager siden

    I’m sorry, but if you’re not registered to vote - I don’t want you on my jury. That said, out of jail- paid your debt to society- and get to participate in society. If you can’t vote, you can’t participate. Anyone reading this - please get registered. First step. Then participate. And for those that are registered and vote, thanks!

  5. Alberto De Cristoforo

    Alberto De Cristoforo

    3 dager siden

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  6. Royce Bottoms

    Royce Bottoms

    3 dager siden

    LoL "It's pretty bizarre to see a government official so flagrantly teaching people how to do something illegal" John Oliver clearly didn't go to US Public Schools or serve in the US Military or have a little league coach or work in any job anywhere ever. This is what people do.

  7. Дарья Сергеева

    Дарья Сергеева

    3 dager siden

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  8. NOAH R

    NOAH R

    4 dager siden


  9. Mowen K

    Mowen K

    5 dager siden

    I subscribed and turned on notifications, am I greg now?

  10. Bbird dark

    Bbird dark

    5 dager siden

    No audience, no preregistered laugh, some great freaking point, on a humoristic tone. 🙌. Jon Stewart would have been proud

  11. Bernadette Treual

    Bernadette Treual

    5 dager siden

    This is so good, without the stereotypical reactions from the audience. Please continue!

  12. Ben Chermside

    Ben Chermside

    6 dager siden

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  13. Eliza Xander

    Eliza Xander

    6 dager siden

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  14. vijay ganesh

    vijay ganesh

    6 dager siden

    finally someone went into that detail about making any cardboard or poster and how will they be used later. hahahahahah

  15. Doris Fiore

    Doris Fiore

    9 dager siden

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  16. Valien SR

    Valien SR

    10 dager siden

    Huh, I guess I’m lucky to have a Hispanic last name. Not good for those being prosecuted though 😅

  17. Collin Rink

    Collin Rink

    10 dager siden

    Do not make jury lists public. I get called all the time and the last thing I want is anyone from the public to try and contact me and swing me a certain direction

  18. VargVikernes4Pres


    11 dager siden

    Poor news anchor just wanted a race car and got tangled up in this mess

  19. googlechicken


    11 dager siden

    So how about registering to vote or getting a state issued ID

  20. Vasudevan Vijayan

    Vasudevan Vijayan

    13 dager siden

    People of color! Beg my pardon, wtf is that?

  21. Ezequiel Martinez

    Ezequiel Martinez

    14 dager siden

    I know the whole entire world is a sh*tty place, but the racism problem in the USA is bottomless, all kinds of things happen related to racism, and all insultingly obvious. Every time I discover some new way racism take place over there. It´s not my country but I feel rage about how racists get away all the time.

  22. sami ISLAM

    sami ISLAM

    15 dager siden

    Trump trial all jury are his family 😁

  23. sami ISLAM

    sami ISLAM

    15 dager siden

    The whole game getting rigged more than ever

  24. Cobra Cyxx

    Cobra Cyxx

    15 dager siden

    Anybody know why John shit on Danbury so hard? And, just a little foresight, "because fuck Danbury" leaves me right where I started

  25. Oli Brindy

    Oli Brindy

    16 dager siden

    Thank you all behind this work. You're hardworkin' good people.

  26. leftnao


    16 dager siden


  27. patrick hall

    patrick hall

    16 dager siden

    One and a half games of 20 Questions is a lot compared to the absolute minimum but, for a parent, that's what you experience on the toilet.

  28. James C

    James C

    16 dager siden

    15:06 is it bad that's what I expected when I first watched it, and got bored about halfway through season 2 b/c it wasn't living up to the premise? Oh hang on, bunch of FBI guys are here for some reasdfdfseggggggg

  29. Dotty Trista

    Dotty Trista

    18 dager siden

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  30. Matthew Barrett

    Matthew Barrett

    20 dager siden

    John Oliver is geniusly witty at exposing absurdities.

  31. Ben KI6WBH

    Ben KI6WBH

    20 dager siden

    I know this is way late, but Having each jury selection Require a reason For an exclusion. And have A committee of 5 jurors Per court room chosen randomly by there jury number Decide if The choice was constitutional or not That Added step Would only be allowed 1⁄2 hour per trial Would Correct the process as it could all be handled at the same time as when are juror Gives a reason for not being on that particular trial.

  32. Drake Blake

    Drake Blake

    21 dag siden

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  33. Bailey


    22 dager siden

    As far as the "we don't want smart people" line, it's a well-established ground rule for juries to be generally average across the board, as they're more likely to represent the general public.

  34. Corey O'R

    Corey O'R

    22 dager siden

    The procicuter looks like racist Howard stark

  35. Quintusblake


    23 dager siden

    Half donkey + Half zebra = Debra

  36. Mccann Antonette

    Mccann Antonette

    23 dager siden

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  37. Jx


    24 dager siden

    “Accidentally misplaced” yeahhhh I don’t think there was anything “accidental” about it. It would have to be one hell of a coincidence that the names misplaced happened to be disproportionally POC

  38. Brian Sambs

    Brian Sambs

    26 dager siden

    Make the Jury selection process "Blind." Instead of using the actual name of the Juror use a number, Have the potential Jurors in another room or building than the Prosecutor & Defense Attorney & Judge. Conduct the question process using e-mail or chat using Courthouse computers (remove all indicators which could imply race or ethnicity, tone of voice, ethnic names) Being a member of a jury, all is required is being over 18 yrs old, current resident in area governed by courthouse conducting trial & willingness to be impartial to legal case being tried. Right? Also, we do a census every decade. Why isn't the data from the US Census bureau used to construct jury selection pool? Also, about the census, Why is ethnicity even a criteria for the census? The more data the STATE collects other than basically a "head" count is actually immaterial other than giving means to racially taint data, right? Gerrymandering would not be party heavy if the all the census did was collect data on how many people live in each house in America, Right? (No question as to ethnicity or political affiliation)

  39. Hannah Thompson

    Hannah Thompson

    28 dager siden

    My dog may not like music in general but he LOVES me singing/humming to him!

  40. Not Me

    Not Me

    29 dager siden


  41. Miss Pat Van Driver Lady

    Miss Pat Van Driver Lady

    Måned siden

    It is fascinating what happens when justices get appointed to the Supreme Court. Suddenly, Brett Kavanaugh is... Not racist? My favorite is still John Roberts declaring the tax portion of the ACA constitutional. Our ultimate tribunal of elders, those folks are.

  42. Janett Edington

    Janett Edington

    Måned siden

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    Matthew Valles

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  44. bear meneer

    bear meneer

    Måned siden

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  45. Samantha Shuster

    Samantha Shuster

    Måned siden


  46. really reasso

    really reasso

    Måned siden

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  47. Carissa Hatton

    Carissa Hatton

    Måned siden

    The "don't want smart people" part probably explains why I was struck from jury duty. I was summoned a while ago, but was never chosen. I just remember the way the lawyer perked up when I mentioned that I worked at a fast food restaurant, then his face went blank when I used words that contained more than three syllables in my answers to later questions. It was an interesting experience...

  48. R D K

    R D K

    Måned siden

    so if I dont want jury duty, I just need to wear black face. sorted.

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    Benjamin Gal-Or

    Måned siden

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  50. Nigel Nofrenze

    Nigel Nofrenze

    Måned siden

    minorities are excluded from juries disproportionately? Maybe because they commit crimes disproportionately...or it could be the OJ Simpson effect.

  51. Party Cat

    Party Cat

    Måned siden

    4:20 the 2 plates of the balance that Justice is holding look like cat eyes. You can kind of see his ears and nose too. I picked a bad day to quit sniffing catnip.

  52. EvilBrit


    Måned siden

    You really wanted that Sewage plant naming after you didnt you?

  53. Marcus Jay

    Marcus Jay

    Måned siden

    *Half donkey, half zebra, all sex*

    • Game Knight613

      Game Knight613

      Måned siden


  54. M Caz

    M Caz

    Måned siden

    I agree there are problems with the process in many jurisdictions. However, as a strict privacy advocate, I have a problem with making data public. There are too many ways the information can be collected and abused by third parties. A better approach would be to set software criteria and/or design a model software system for use in jury pool selection.

    • leviosssa


      Måned siden

      its kinda hard to fix a software issue if you don't have data that proves there's an issue, it's like trying to plug a leaky pipe but not being able to look at the ground for puddles, not to mention they really only need general information. you could just ask for basic information like race and approximate area of residency, but you would seriously hamper any attempts at understanding a possible bias.

  55. Hayden Mack

    Hayden Mack

    Måned siden

    I had no idea this was such a problem; I guess I need to pay more attention to the courtroom scenes in procedural dramas or the news to see how diverse their juries are. I remember from watching People vs. O.J. Simpson that his defense team pushed hard for the trial to be held in a downtown court so that the jury could have multiple black members. Makes me wish they took that kind of care more often

  56. Daniel B

    Daniel B

    Måned siden

    Rice should not be a factor in jury duty! Implying that we need certain races on certain juries is racist in and of itself.

  57. Justin Coccia

    Justin Coccia

    Måned siden

    Let's talk about how most Americans see jury duty as a problem. And it is in a our society, mostly because of work. I finally served on a week long jury. It was interesting. I only served i think because I was, enthusiastic, not working at the momemt, and the only non white, non Hispanic person selected. I answered more then my fair share of direct answers to both the judge and both sides of the case. The weirdest thing is I answered each question exactly how I should have, being extremely neutral and enthusiastic. I do not pretend to be smart but my answers could easy be telegraphed.

  58. B An

    B An

    Måned siden

    Is this the problem with juries? That they select too many white people? Not that the decicion of somebody's guilt is left to people without legal training?

  59. Kirsten


    Måned siden

    The whole jury concept is so weird. scrap it and you don't have this problem anymore :)

    • Game Knight613

      Game Knight613

      Måned siden

      thing is it's a good idea in concept and honestly getting rid of it is probably not a good thing

  60. Matt Ferreira

    Matt Ferreira

    Måned siden

    John Oliver is not wearing pants.

  61. Amplewarrior


    Måned siden

    It’s not called a zonkey it’s called an Okapi

  62. tiny dancer

    tiny dancer

    Måned siden

    OK OK, Let's dig into the "archives" when one of my mentors told me his mom was an archivist..I actually did believe that until years later, he told me I was lonely when he spent years teaching me that a person can be alone, but not necessarily lonely. So here's a question your segment just reminded me of ? How is it that 3 other well respected men in my life tell me this? ""I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this for you..." another one said to me "this is all about you" and thirdly I wonder if you know why uTube became NOnet and why? Just random thoughts maybe you can help me with. {oh yeah, on that blockbuster segment, there was a poster on the backwall saying something like "we are all arrogant...somethings" (not sure of the exact wording of it, but I know someone out there would know what I mean) So funny this world is so multifactorial....Trust me, Ripley's beleive it or not, #hashtag used to be a number sign but do we use math anymore? Is that still a thing. And when your brain just runs on the spin cycle like this, is there someone out there who knows how to end it so no persons, places, or things will be harmed in the end?????My daughter told me this has got to end (and I will refer to the funniest expression I heard in my life as a comedic officianato....I'm out} Or could it be Just Stop It..... and please someone stand up and raise their hand To HELP anyone?

  63. Harry Renner

    Harry Renner

    Måned siden

    Bumper stickers are basically traffic twitter LOL.

  64. Molly


    Måned siden

    10:21 Heartbreaking: man discovers intersectionality and comes to the worst possible conclusion

  65. Kelly Arthur

    Kelly Arthur

    Måned siden

    Another wonderful video. IDK whether to laugh or cry... It's disgusting news media is so fucked up it takes _John Oliver_ to do a piece like this.

  66. theSimoneChérie


    Måned siden

    Oh, I hate when the 2 zip codes with the brown and black populations get deleted from the county database...

  67. Alli Cee

    Alli Cee

    Måned siden


  68. Stratix


    Måned siden

    "Zee"? John Oliver, shame on you, you betray your English blood!

  69. django flyfar

    django flyfar

    Måned siden

    Wow... I JUST watched the episode on B Kavanaugh - look shows up again!



    Måned siden


  71. Kevs Tanguay

    Kevs Tanguay

    Måned siden

    An update on the man Curtis Flowers won his seventh case and all charges were dropped, he was awarded 500k from Mississippi from wrongful imprisonment. Side note, the prosecutor that tried him six times has stepped down.

  72. Zachery Jequinto

    Zachery Jequinto

    Måned siden

    Now that the Derek verdict has been reached. I think we will get that story very soon.

  73. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Måned siden

    I can say for the first time I'm gonna serve on a jury in a couple of weeks, and I'm Latino American.

  74. DJYoda


    Måned siden

    You could always swap to the European method of having people who know all the laws decide if you broke them, juries are quite unique to America

  75. Hemlock Lollipop

    Hemlock Lollipop

    Måned siden

    Get a doctor's note. I got one from my psychiatrist and mailed it in. I wasn't even required to present the note in person.

  76. T Lindsay

    T Lindsay

    Måned siden

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  77. Xander Anderson

    Xander Anderson

    Måned siden

    John: most states ban people with felony charges" Me: that seems fair. You probably don't want someone who had committed a crime on a jury for a trial.

  78. Anthony Mort

    Anthony Mort

    2 måneder siden

    I like danbury

  79. SS C

    SS C

    2 måneder siden

    ah... the danbury saga. so this is where it started...

  80. cruisepaige


    2 måneder siden

    I cringe so much when a person says “Blacks” when referring to Black people.

  81. cruisepaige


    2 måneder siden

    The Constitution does not say “ ury of your peers.” 6th Amendment: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.” No peers.

    • Eggs Bruhnadict

      Eggs Bruhnadict

      Måned siden

      Peer means someone who has the same ability of another person

  82. Vicki T

    Vicki T

    2 måneder siden

    I was called for jury duty when I was 7 months pregnant with twins(I had been called previously too); I sent in the form with my number. A few weeks later a nervous sounding man called and said I wasn’t excluded and needed to arrive, etc. After hearing him nagging me for 10 minutes I finally told him fine, but that I needed a bathroom break every 10 minutes and a bucket because I was still fucking vomiting. Click... I haven’t been called since. The twins are 17 now..

  83. Bane Rifthammer

    Bane Rifthammer

    2 måneder siden

    I love this show you are truly doing good work by telling the truth to the masses.rock on John Oliver and co

  84. Ross Vegas

    Ross Vegas

    2 måneder siden

    My dad is 53 and has never even been summoned for jury duty. Now that Oliver’s pointed out how fucked the system is, I wonder if there’s a reason for that or if it really is completely random?

  85. Vincent Arui

    Vincent Arui

    2 måneder siden

    10:26 Women are a minority?

    • Game Knight613

      Game Knight613

      Måned siden

      more of a oppressed group, it all gets thrown in the same basket

  86. ramalagoprapjamwemlopre


    2 måneder siden

    If you're searching for what John Oliver said about Danbury, go to 6:16

  87. R Adebowale

    R Adebowale

    2 måneder siden

    Anytime you may question whether a black person is telling the truth about a racist incident, please rewatch that ‘80s segment from the Philadelphia DA’s office. Shameful.

  88. Jerel Boza

    Jerel Boza

    2 måneder siden

    Wow didn't expect Kavanaugh to say or do that.

  89. Depressed Litherds

    Depressed Litherds

    2 måneder siden

    True danbury is fucking delightful, fuck that place

  90. J A

    J A

    2 måneder siden

    As a white man I agree that we need more black people on juries. That way I can finally go home. I've been called every year since I turned 18...

  91. Ian Hernandez

    Ian Hernandez

    2 måneder siden

    The true daniel extragingivally gaze because mexican bailly talk onto a better bobcat. smart, obnoxious platinum

  92. Castillo Blackburn

    Castillo Blackburn

    2 måneder siden

    The smiling rest subsequently retire because zone curiosly boast despite a makeshift turkish. handsomely, creepy tanker

  93. taeleaf


    2 måneder siden

    The flashy zephyr consecutively whine because rise synchronously hover apud a disillusioned beggar. dangerous, sincere girdle

  94. RJ


    2 måneder siden

    Some of these "accidents" don't seem like accidents to me...

  95. John Wild

    John Wild

    2 måneder siden

    Racism isn't ok... so why did he go racist against white people I was agreeing until that point

    • Game Knight613

      Game Knight613

      Måned siden

      please do what eggs above me asked

    • Eggs Bruhnadict

      Eggs Bruhnadict

      Måned siden

      Say the 14 words. Go on, talk about how white people are being oppressed.

  96. Mathias Johnsson

    Mathias Johnsson

    2 måneder siden

    Jesus. The whole American jury system is wo fucked up too begin with real countries use professionals.not some random idiots

  97. Michael Rottinger

    Michael Rottinger

    2 måneder siden

    did anerthang happen yet tho

  98. K M

    K M

    2 måneder siden

    This show should be mandatory viewing in the White House.

  99. Scott Mactavish

    Scott Mactavish

    2 måneder siden

    With a college degree, I've not been selected in 30 years. Way to go Floriduh!

  100. SuperSupreme OptimistPrime

    SuperSupreme OptimistPrime

    2 måneder siden

    I spent 9 hours being seated on 3 juries today, I'd better watch this as a refresher. 😬