Facial Recognition: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver takes a look at facial recognition technology, how it’s used by private companies and law enforcement, and why it can be dangerous.

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  1. TheCRHKing


    8 timer siden

    Just here for oppo research.

  2. Russal Arya

    Russal Arya

    12 timer siden

    You've to be a very shitty company to make Facebook look like the good guys.

  3. Omar Saavedra

    Omar Saavedra

    4 dager siden

    "Harness the pain" is my new life moto..

  4. SomethingElse


    4 dager siden

    "What about countries that think being gay is a crime?" "We're taking it one day at a time". I knew immediately it was Saudi Arabia, a US ally... Having watched enough episodes of Locked Up Abroad". It's apparent that his aim is to stay on the good side of the military industrial complex, and to ingratiate himself with the US State Department. Of course he couldn't say anything publicly to offend his potential clients. Pubic opinion is an afterthought, just behind actual morality. I refuse to revere anyone that presents themselves as an entrepreneur that doesn't consider the full scope of their invention. Before you build something and present it to the world, you have a responsibility to consider every aspect of it's manufacture, influence on humanity and the earth, and where it will go when discarded. They should teach that in engineering. If something will make you money, but become trash on a mass scale, don't do it. Just go to work and punch the clock until you come up with a better idea. If your facial recognition software is going to have people imprisoned because they are gay... you are scum.

  5. GamerzBlog


    7 dager siden

    facial recognition can use to find similarities and final decision should be made by humans. there is no magic or anything to facial recognition it simply matching shapes and contrast etc. when come to image recognition (teach computers to understand pictures ) we are in 1970 60 time if we compare it to internet.

  6. weird elbas

    weird elbas

    9 dager siden

    And then the pandemic happened. And wowsers. I'm protected. But to tell those magas that they some how thing the government is going to get you while, loving you.

  7. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    9 dager siden

    "Facial recognition is bad!"... senate building gets attacked... "Use facial recognition. Get them all!"

  8. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown

    10 dager siden

    So if your image is on the internet, there’s a recognition at work, right?

  9. Fr05TYb0X


    10 dager siden

    i was eating Lay"s White Cheddar flavoured chips while watching this and was "LITERALLY" licking my lips when Woody did the weird lick :o LOL

  10. Todd S

    Todd S

    12 dager siden

    Those were NOT the same fish, John. Or... John's writers... or whomever the fuck came up with that. And I can 100% guarantee you that my face is not on that database. Fuck social media.

  11. Larica Cronnon

    Larica Cronnon

    16 dager siden

    Why hasn't that last company been stopped yet...

  12. Aubrey Graham

    Aubrey Graham

    16 dager siden

    really poisoning the well with the congressman calling him a White Supremacist lol

  13. Esti Obel

    Esti Obel

    23 dager siden

    i'm realising just how privileged i am to have grown up with parents who never uploaded photos of me anywhere as a child, and raised me to be paranoid about these things. images of me do exist on the internet on various school facebook pages and such, but the stipulation has always been not to include my name or any identifying information. the only photo of me that comes up when you search my name is a good way down, and it's from a few years ago, when i was involved in some student politics. it links to an old, empty page, and doesn't even include my name in the title. i rewatch this video when i feel like it wouldn't do much harm to just post a photo of myself. but then again, i also have a fucking passport, so the government already has my face and fingerprints, or they wouldn't allow me to leave the country ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. steven Jackson

    steven Jackson

    25 dager siden

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  15. Jeffrey Charbonneau

    Jeffrey Charbonneau

    26 dager siden

    At least maine past a law banning this

  16. K B

    K B

    29 dager siden

    Don't defund the police, but do pay attention to global warming.

  17. Luis Blandon

    Luis Blandon

    Måned siden

    That Irish reporter at 14:15 got so fucking spooked he dropped his non-regional dialect and went full Seamus lmao

    • Wise Wolf Tony

      Wise Wolf Tony

      9 dager siden

      Jesus before that point I couldn't even tell he was Irish. Just sounded like your average American to me

  18. Carlos Taylor

    Carlos Taylor

    Måned siden

    I love you Johnathan Oliverithium

  19. namanish


    Måned siden

    The unofficial motto of history.

  20. Paulette Valiton

    Paulette Valiton

    Måned siden

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  21. chenzenzo


    Måned siden

    I actually liked Dejavous.

  22. Valeria Fonseca Diaz

    Valeria Fonseca Diaz

    Måned siden

    We need a video about the idea that phones can hear us

  23. One eyed dog

    One eyed dog

    Måned siden

    Just think all of these people who upload pictures of there faces to Facebook or other social media sites. literally feeding the machine more pictures to work with. massive databases of photos with multiple angles.im not really a conspiracy theorist or anything.it just seems really obvious that it will be used against us in the future

  24. Ho Thien Tri

    Ho Thien Tri

    Måned siden

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  25. Mr Swag

    Mr Swag

    Måned siden

    Once I heard China I immediately disliked the video.

  26. Never Ending Journey Still Learning

    Never Ending Journey Still Learning

    Måned siden


  27. cored fu

    cored fu

    Måned siden

    Wait, if we could prevent all robberies by having a cop watch us shit...I mean, that sounds pretty good. Sure, it'd be awkward the 1st couple times, butt really, it's the cop who has the shitty end o' the stick on this one, so this sounds like a slam dunk.

  28. Arnold Johnson

    Arnold Johnson

    Måned siden

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  29. Chica Pumpkin

    Chica Pumpkin

    Måned siden

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  30. Steve Doolan

    Steve Doolan

    Måned siden

    How is it that John Oliver does a worse London accent than Jon Stewart? Also, he's wrong - The Capability sounds like a rejected character from Jersey Shore.

  31. lamonica long

    lamonica long

    Måned siden

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  32. no


    Måned siden

    I might check your show out after you drop cnn and new york times from your sources john..theyve failed to uphold integrity in journalism too many times..youre now a puppet race baiter causing division..how do we keep up w china while being sensitive babies

  33. M dlM

    M dlM

    Måned siden

    Ton-That will regret his gleaning and massive storage of human face recognition material. One day it will come back to haunt him and he’ll be a victim of his own scheme.

  34. Winifred Winifred

    Winifred Winifred

    Måned siden

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  35. Dawn Nona

    Dawn Nona

    Måned siden

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  36. Christopher Minutolo

    Christopher Minutolo

    Måned siden

    *slowly puts foil hat on*

  37. Kirstine Termansen

    Kirstine Termansen

    Måned siden

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  38. Kirstine Termansen

    Kirstine Termansen

    Måned siden

    Is doctore Phil a robot,. The way he stops, is wired

  39. Kirstine Termansen

    Kirstine Termansen

    Måned siden

    Look TV2

  40. Kirstine Termansen

    Kirstine Termansen

    Måned siden

    Muppet shows and Tom cruise...

  41. Dan chidex

    Dan chidex

    Måned siden

    As a home nurse I realized most patients with fall risk rather risk falling than have someone sitting at their bedside watching them sleep, sometimes the insist on setting up a camera and having you watch from the next room. no amount of security worth your freedom, that's why we move out of our parents home.

  42. NOAH R

    NOAH R

    Måned siden


  43. S Harvey

    S Harvey

    Måned siden

    If you want a true sociopath screeching in your face. Here you go.

  44. Razar Campbell

    Razar Campbell

    Måned siden

    re - 15:39 INCONCEIVABLE!!!!

  45. Tomas Vrabec

    Tomas Vrabec

    Måned siden

    I mean... Clear View can't even make the first amendment argument since it's an international software using international 'ground' between international companies.

  46. Tomas Vrabec

    Tomas Vrabec

    Måned siden

    Facial recognition probably stagnated a bit during covid i guess 😅

  47. George Ferminky

    George Ferminky

    Måned siden

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  48. Candice Simmons

    Candice Simmons

    Måned siden

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  49. Gragurnot Buddy

    Gragurnot Buddy

    Måned siden

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  50. Helen Dunn

    Helen Dunn

    Måned siden

    Its certainly being used in protests. They sweep cell phones for data too. Black lives matter activists are considered " Black Identity Extremists", or terrorists by the FBI. They have Infragard members enter their property.

    • Helen Dunn

      Helen Dunn

      Måned siden


  51. Helen Dunn

    Helen Dunn

    Måned siden

    Clearview A.I. guy is white supremacist. FBI uses their IRON FIST operation on political activists. Can you imagine them personally targeting individuals they dont like to terrorize them?

  52. Helen Dunn

    Helen Dunn

    Måned siden

    FBI has the IRON FIST operation that has everything to ruin a citizens life.

  53. Jada D

    Jada D

    Måned siden

    Unofficial motto of history 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. mangulica moravka

    mangulica moravka

    Måned siden

    The time for legal actions to stop this digital enslavement of society has already passed, the only way now is to develop new technology that can counteract the existing one, that can be regulated on an individual level, thus putting control back into the hands of the people

  55. GeneralBrandonLee


    Måned siden

    He's the Miles Bennett Dyson of reality...

  56. GeneralBrandonLee


    Måned siden

    Bingo indeed, Denzel!

  57. Adi Cristian

    Adi Cristian

    Måned siden

    It' s incredible how libtards manage to make a problem like this about racism.

  58. Kenneth Jones

    Kenneth Jones

    Måned siden

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  59. cute christa and fishy jay

    cute christa and fishy jay

    Måned siden

    Check out Jan Tailor's Creeper a novella about facial recognition used in porno to find the doppelganger of your long lost crush.

  60. Leo Diamond

    Leo Diamond

    Måned siden

    Dosnt date well, now that face recognition has found the insurrectionist

  61. le hongcong

    le hongcong

    Måned siden

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  62. Dalton Brennan

    Dalton Brennan

    Måned siden

    Find new friends there are hairstyles for people with longer hair that are specifically designed to keep facial recognition technology from working. I know that this means that you technically have to do different hairstyles everyday... Also just annoyance too I have to go through that extra step for personal privacy

  63. C.S. Lewis

    C.S. Lewis

    Måned siden

    Newest facial recognition... Joseph p Kennedy and Linden Baines Johnson are same person.

  64. legendhero 45

    legendhero 45

    Måned siden

    Oh no, momments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.

  65. Alex Operacz

    Alex Operacz

    Måned siden

    Ironic that a man of apparent Asian background would allow this program to be used by a white supremacist....

  66. Russell Gover

    Russell Gover

    Måned siden


  67. Conan Duke

    Conan Duke

    2 måneder siden

    "Your teenage years were a hormonal Stalingrad."

  68. michael eli

    michael eli

    2 måneder siden

    18:47 LMAO!!!!

  69. michael eli

    michael eli

    2 måneder siden

    In my world, we would be using facial recognition and cctv on our police forces and politicians. It's so crazy that the tech is being used for the powerful to control the rest of us.

  70. VincenzOK


    2 måneder siden

    Note: recognition technologies suck at identifying if something is a backpack or bag. No kidding, it's too free-form of an object and doesn't present differently than clothing.

  71. Amina Branda

    Amina Branda

    2 måneder siden

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  72. tim lutz

    tim lutz

    2 måneder siden

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  73. Faith Utz

    Faith Utz

    2 måneder siden

    Why is John Oliver’s smile so endearing yet also so sarcastic at the end. Like I understand the sarcasm, but if I saw that smile with no context I would just feel happier

  74. mr question

    mr question

    2 måneder siden


  75. Elemblue2


    2 måneder siden

    They named it skynet because they knew what they were doing.

  76. Rich ard

    Rich ard

    2 måneder siden

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  77. Jaydon Frey

    Jaydon Frey

    2 måneder siden

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  78. Marwa Mirgani

    Marwa Mirgani

    2 måneder siden

    The people I take photos with start appearing on my Facebook profile as “people you may know” !

  79. Kim Kreisel

    Kim Kreisel

    2 måneder siden

    I loved that movie

  80. Ken Little

    Ken Little

    2 måneder siden

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  81. Charmaine Arongay

    Charmaine Arongay

    2 måneder siden

    For all of you trash taste listeners, 6:28 is literally just Garnt and Connor lmao. Happy 50th episode y'all

  82. Taner Archibald

    Taner Archibald

    2 måneder siden

    Yeah theft from those retailers has gotten so bad that they now use facial scan tech to help law enforcement catch the thief. Yeah facial scan tech is incredibly flawed, but also don’t steal you fucking asshole.

  83. Emmons Leroy

    Emmons Leroy

    2 måneder siden

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  84. Vlad Tepes

    Vlad Tepes

    2 måneder siden

    did the first feel shocked that you can indeed remove good chunks of the face, revealing it a mask all that-time?

  85. kaelen hollyer

    kaelen hollyer

    2 måneder siden

    I saw the anti-camera makeup look and immediately knew it was the person who made I am Your Grandma

  86. Rebecca Tomlin

    Rebecca Tomlin

    2 måneder siden

    I don’t think it is at all shocking to see a human error (bias) exacerbated by computers. While computers are great they require input and if humans are imputing that baseline information there is bound to be human error, no? Not okay and worth fixing, still not surprised though.

  87. Fridde von Frankenstein

    Fridde von Frankenstein

    2 måneder siden


  88. HalvarMC


    2 måneder siden

    I like how "defund the police" is the best thing BLM can come up with after 10 years. This is why you don't listen to activists.

  89. Casey Karley

    Casey Karley

    2 måneder siden

    Only one issue I have with this. Yes, they could be using outstanding warrants as a way to arrest protesters. But its also possible they could be taking advantage of a large protest as a way to catch people with outstanding warrants, which is actually pretty smart. Just a thought.

  90. GodsentJesustosetusallfreefromsin!


    2 måneder siden

    What do they do about look alikes?

  91. random email

    random email

    2 måneder siden

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  92. PajamaJazama


    2 måneder siden

    Ironic that the UK is the most Orwellian country in the western world

  93. Peterbe88


    2 måneder siden

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  94. Leonna Mayes

    Leonna Mayes

    2 måneder siden

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  95. Restoration333


    2 måneder siden

    hello everybody

  96. snubnose333


    2 måneder siden

    thats too much

  97. mario yu

    mario yu

    2 måneder siden

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  98. Jayden Sonnier

    Jayden Sonnier

    2 måneder siden

    Hey your white hair sucks

  99. CyberRonin


    2 måneder siden

    This is why I don't use Failbook or Instagram.

  100. Dark3y3


    2 måneder siden

    It's not hard for me to imagine how creepy this would be for any lady, as I had something like this happen to me. I was at a convention, meet a couple of people who were running an anime booth. Before I had even walked 10 feet away from chatting with them briefly, one of them found and tried to friend me on Google Plus. Like who even used Google Plus, much less actually be able to find someone on there!